MW3 Zombies players demand removal of feature causing loss of all gear & items

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 zombies players jumping off a building

MW3 Zombies players are calling for the removal of a feature that is intended to improve the game’s quality of life but is actually doing the opposite.

MW3’s Zombies mode is the perfect getaway when you’re fed up with multiplayer. The PvE co-op mode is perfect for those who want to level up their rank and weapons in a more casual manner, slaughtering hundreds of Zombies and completing Contracts with your party.

MW3 Zombies is all about getting through the Story Missions, upgrading your gear, and surviving. Those who manage to exfil every time and keep their gear will be able to continue progressing at a faster rate, as dying before getting out can set you back a peg or two.

Unfortunately, there’s a QoL mechanic in the game that players are calling for to be removed, as they shared their experiences with the feature on Reddit, which ultimately caused players to lose their items in an unfair manner.

MW3 Zombies ‘Leave Match’ feature causes frustration

Reddit user MediocreManX sparked the debate, as they shared a post that explained how the option to pull all party members out of a MW3 Zombies match caused his friend to “lose all his gear and collected items.”

The OP explains how they accidentally pulled their friend out of the game by trying to leave the match after extracting themselves, coming to the conclusion that the option to pull your teammates out of the game “shouldn’t be a thing” unless they have extracted.

They feel “there’s no good situation where that would come in handy for Zombies seeing as you lose everything by getting pulled out,” suggesting that the feature “should only take the party members out that aren’t still in the run.”

Others agree as well, as one comment read, “I agree with you, it’s a stupid f***ing feature to give someone else the choice to pull you out of this game mode,” while another agreed further, as they called the option to pull members out of their Zombies run an “undesirable feature.”

We’ll have to wait and see if anything changes, as the devs seem pretty adamant about improving the experience in Zombies, bringing positive changes in the November 21 update. Perhaps big changes are coming for MW3 Zombies in the Season 1 update.

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