MW3 Zombies players claim “stupid” stash isn’t big enough for Urzikstan’s loot

Joaquín Frere
MW3 Zombies open world map.

MW3 Zombies players are struggling with the stash inventory size, as they think it’s too small for all the loot in Urzikstan.

In MW3 Zombies, you can be a “hoarder” looter, or you can just pick what you need or what you are looking for. If you are one of those players who pick up everything you find on your way, your stash inventory is probably going to get full pretty quickly.

It seems MW3 players are not happy about the amount of stash inventory slots in Zombies mode. With just 10 slots for saving up Aetherium Crystals, Aether tools, or other items not everything can be looted and players need to make smart choices.

Reddit user ‘PerryAye223’ took their concern to the forum, and the community had a lot to say about it. They argued that the developers should “increase the stash to at least 20,” and that their stash is “to the point where my whole bag is full each game.”

Controversy quickly appeared when the OP shared a screenshot of his full stash. “Just use the stuff instead of hoarding it if it’s so easy to get,” said one user.

Another comment on their claim was in agreement on the stash limit increase, but stated “JESUS CHRIST bro use some of your sh*t,” when seeing the OP’s full stash.

The MW3 Zombies community agrees to a stash increase

Besides a lot of recommendations, COD Zombies subreddit members seemed to agree on the stash limit increase and even stated that the “stash should be infinite, who cares how overpowered it gets, it’s f**in zombies.”

To add to the community’s agreement, user ‘Joal0503’ suggested that the developers should “flesh out the inventory system and make it a limit per operator.” According to the MW3 Zombies player, the limit of 10 pieces shared across all three operators is “stupid.”

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