MW3 players want CoD Mobile feature to fix “ruined” Blueprints

Max Candelarezi
MCW Blueprint phase in bundle

Flexing a cool camo while playing MW3 is part of the fun for many, but some players believe the game desperately needs a CoD Mobile feature to avoid Blueprints from getting “ruined.”

Regardless of the game mode, Call of Duty players love showcasing their weapon camos, and this passion persists in MW3. Although Blueprints frequently align with the game’s meta, their accessories may not always follow suit.

In a Reddit post, user piciwens shared an MCW Blueprint with a “cool camo that will be ruined if I use the meta attachments.” Another player suggested, “It would be nice if the camo applied to the whole gun regardless of attachments.”

Then, user MoConnors added, “Or just do it the way CoD Mobile does it where you can toggle the base appearance.” This would maintain the Blueprint designs to avoid getting ruined when equipping meta attachments.

Despite some thinking managing this “would require work on other attachments,” CoD Mobile‘s Blueprint design feature allows the gun’s attachment stats to transfer to the Blueprint without affecting its design.

However, another MW3 player suggested, “At this point they might as well sell the camo instead of the blueprint. I’d buy way more in the store.” On the contrary, a user pointed out that the current system “is a thing because people keep buying bundles.”

While it remains unclear how much work would need to be done to allow weapon stats to transfer to Blueprints, players believe that implementing this CoD Mobile feature could effectively address the issue and potentially incentivize purchases from the store.

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