MW3 players split as major nerf makes OP Aftermarket Part useless

Aakash Regmi
MW3 Operator with Vest

BAS-B’s JAK Outlaw-277 Kit was hit with a much-needed nerf with the March 22 patch, but players are divided as they feel the nerf has left little reason to use it anymore. 

The JAK Outlaw-277 Kit for the BAS-B hasn’t been in MW3 for a very long time, as it was added with Season 2, Week 7, and right as it arrived, it made quite an impression. But whatever that impression was, it isn’t a lasting one thanks to the recent update. 

As soon as the patch notes were live, many quickly hopped online to discuss the much-need nerf. It hasn’t been all too positive, however, as many are saying that while the Kit did need a nerf, it shouldn’t have been this bad that it makes the Kit “not even worth using now.”

Under CharlieIntel’s X (formerly Twitter) post sharing the patch notes highlighting the balancing changes, many can be seen not-so-happy about the nerf.

While some players responded in celebration, “Massive W!” others weren’t all that pleased, “They just don’t want us to have fun.” Another user said, “The conversation kit s**ks a** now. It was a fun setup now it can’t even 1 tap unless it’s a headshot.”

Twitter isn’t the only place leading a divisive disclosure on the recent JAK Outlaw-277 Kit nerf. In multiple Reddit threads, the comments are mixed: “I feel like there’s basically no winning with guns like this as far as balance is concerned. They’re either OP OSK machines or useless hit-marker machines.”

But, there is also a good bit of celebration in the comments here as well, “Thank god, every 12v12 lobby was unplayable with this trash.”

Others more or less either agreed with the nerf, “Damn I didn’t get to use it yet lol. Glad they basically destroyed it though,” or that it was too much: “They just like to ruin the fun, the gun is completely useless now, thanks SHG.”

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