MW3 players tired of “grindy” Battle Pass turn to AFK farming

Aakash Regmi
MW3 Pigeon Operator Das Haus

AFK framers are infesting a certain game mode in MW3, just to level up their battle passes. While some are begging devs to solve the issue, others aren’t really that bothered and have put the blame on the Battle Pass system that is “f**king grindy.”

Not too long to go before the April 3 release of MW3 Season 3, and this means more players will be hopping into the shooter to tie up some loose ends of Season 2. This, of course, means players will attempt to level up the Battle Pass as much as they can. 

But you can’t breeze past all the sectors without investing a certain amount of time in MW3, and this has led to players AFK farming their way, and it is ruining experiences for some. 

Reddit user ‘Pretend_River9959’ pointed this out in the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, asking devs to do “something about macro abuse XP Farm.”

While many are visibly frustrated, they believe Activision are also to blame, as their design choices for Battle Pass are promoting this behavior: “What happens when devs make the battle pass system based on time played and not kills.”

Another user said, “It’s what happens when you lock content behind game time. I don’t begrudge someone trying to get the stuff out of the battle pass that they’ve paid for.”

If you’re inactive for too long, MW3 usually boots you out, however, if you put in some input, like going back and forth, you’ll not be kicked and will gain all the participation XP. To make it easier, some use Macros, which will basically press the menial inputs for you. 

Players claim these are rampant in infected mode, as the OP commented, “It’s getting ridiculous in infected game mode. Almost always, 10% of the lobby is just AFK macro-abusing…” But many argued that they aren’t the problem, if anything needs re-evaluation, it is Battle Pass, “I’d rather not want them to do anything about this. It’s a solid way to farm the Battlepass which is f**king grindy anyway.”

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