Best guns in CoD Mobile: Every Season 7 weapon ranked (2023)

best guns in CoD MobileActivision

Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 7 is here, adding a brand new SMG to its roster along with some buffs and nerfs to a few weapons, leading to a change in the meta. To help you pick the best ones, here’s a ranking of the best guns in CoD Mobile Season 7 based on their performance.

The 7th season of Call of Duty Mobile, titled ‘Heat Wave,’ is now live for players to enjoy. This season brings a brand new map called ‘Seaside’, a new Striker 45 SMG which was seen in Modern Warfare (2019), and much more.

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In addition to the new content, several weapons such as BK57, DRH, ASM 10, and KR 44, among others received significant buffs, altering the weapons meta of the game. While having the best settings in the game is essential, knowing which guns are the most powerful is also crucial.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 2023 to help you choose the right one for your next match.

Best guns in CoD Mobile ranked list

Call of Duty Mobile thumbnail featuring David MasonActivision
Weapons like the DL Q33 and the CBR4 have been the top choice of players since season 1.

We’re going to take a moment to assign each of CoD Mobile’s guns an officially ranked place before we place them in order. There’s a lot to get through, let’s see where we ranked them all.

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Here is every CoD Mobile Season 5 gun ranked:

  1. DL Q33
  2. M13
  3. CBR4
  4. R9-0
  5. SKS
  6. MW11
  7. Holger 26
  8. Oden
  9. Man-O-War
  10. Locus
  11. AK-47
  12. M4LMG
  13. Pharo
  14. GKS
  15. KSP 45
  16. M21 EBR
  17. BY15
  18. MK2
  19. Maddox
  20. FFAR 1 Assault Rifle
  21. KRM-262
  22. HS0405
  23. LAPA
  24. ASM10
  25. PKM
  26. Grau 5.56
  27. DR-H
  28. Kilo Bolt-Action
  29. Dingo
  30. Razorback
  31. HDR
  32. Striker 45
  33. RPD
  34. EM2
  35. Switchblade X9
  36. Outlaw
  37. Krig 6
  38. Koshka
  39. HS2126
  40. PP19 Bizon
  41. S36
  42. HG 40
  43. ICR-1
  44. M16
  45. Striker
  46. AK117
  47. BK57
  48. LK24
  49. KN-44
  50. UL736
  51. QQ9
  52. MX9
  53. Echo
  54. SP-R 208
  55. JAK-12
  56. Hades
  57. HBRa3
  58. Arctic .50
  59. RUS-79U
  60. Chicom
  61. PDW-57
  62. SVD
  63. MSMC
  64. Rytec AMR
  65. Peacekeeper MK2
  66. FR.556
  67. AS VAL
  68. Chopper
  69. Kilo 141
  70. M4
  71. Type 25
  72. NA-45
  73. XPR-50
  74. HVK-30
  75. Cordite
  76. Fennec
  77. AGR 556
  78. QXR
  79. PPSh-41
  80. MAC-10
  81. Swordfish

Every Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 6

The list below breaks down the best weapons in the current Call of Duty Mobile meta for each class in 2023.

Best Secondary in CoD Mobile: MW11

MW11 secondary in Call of Duty MobileActivision
The M11 is a great secondary to have in close and medium-range combat.

While melees are fun and lethal, a pistol still will be the best secondary weapon in your loadout. And the MW11 could not be any better than the rest of its bunch.

The MW11 received a significant bump in Season 9 and was later balanced out but it still managed to keep its fast firing and high capacity. It is a great pistol to have as your secondary, especially with all of its attachments equipped.

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Best Marksman Rifle in CoD Mobile: SKS

SKS Marksman Rifle in Call of Duty MobileActivision
The SKS continues to be the best marksman rifle in CoD Mobile.

Somewhat of a ‘skill cannon,’ what makes the SKS so powerful is its ability to two-shot to the chest and one-shot to the head.

If you’re accurate enough, the SKS can be absolutely devastating. You’ll be able to fly around the map taking down enemies in only 200ms, and there aren’t many weapons can that can challenge that TTK.

Best Shotgun in CoD Mobile: R9-0

R9-0 Shotgun in Call of Duty MobileActivision
The R9-0 offers a mix between a semi-auto and pump-action shotgun.

The R9-0 has been the best shotgun in Call of Duty Mobile for ages now and it surely is keeping its position in Season 7.

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The only other shotgun which can compete with the R9-0 is the KRM-262. But the R9-0’s high round magazine, along with the number of attachments that can be equipped, makes it a perfect versatile weapon.

Best SMG in CoD Mobile: CBR4

CBR4 SMG in Call of Duty MobileActivision
The CBR4 maintains its lead in the SMG class.

Despite the number of buffs and nerfs that the CBR4 has seen in the last few updates, it still is the best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile.

CBR4 has all you need in an SMG – fast-firing, low recoil, and a great range for an SMG. The PPSh-41 is also a great alternative but at the end of the day, CBR4 stands its ground.

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Best LMG in CoD Mobile: Holger 26

Holger 26 LMG in Call of Duty MobileActivision
In terms of LMG, the Holger 26 easily takes the crown.

The Holger 26 also received some buffs in Season 9 and has been hard to look past since in the LMG category. It also comes included with a massive 100-round LMG, making it a beast in the proper hands.

With limited updates to other LMGs coming into Season 7, we anticipate the Holger 26 to remain the weapon of choice.

Best Sniper in CoD Mobile: DL Q33

DLQ33 sniper in Call of Duty MobileActivision
The DL Q33 received the new Maevwat Omega-1 signature attachment in season 2.

The DL Q33 has stood the test of time and dominated the sniper category since the release of Call of Duty Mobile, making it one of the favorite weapons of casuals and pros alike.

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DL Q33 is the sniper’s sniper since it is one of the few firearms in the game that can one-shot opponents. Also while the ZRG 20mm arrived with a bang, it lacks the longevity of the DL Q33.

Best Assault Rifle in CoD Mobile: M13

M13 assault rifle in Call of Duty MobileActivision
In CoD Mobile Season 7, the M13 takes the lead in the fight of the ARs.

The M13 is the best Assault Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile. This all-American gun is versatile and easy to use and also comes with a range of attachments.

The Peacekeeper would’ve made it instead of the M13 but due to some recent nerf-ing which decreased the hit flinch and ADS spread, the M13 takes the spot.

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That completes our list. These are the best weapons tiered and ranked in Call of Duty: Mobile. Be sure to check out our weapons ranking of other games too:

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