Best guns in CoD Mobile Season 6 (2024)

Udit Surve
CoD Mobile operators holding weapons

As with every new CoD Mobile season, the meta in Season 6 shifted with a new set of best guns that make a huge difference against enemies on the battlefield.

To help you out, here’s a rundown of the top weapons including an explanation of each pick.

Best CoD Mobile weapons explained

Best Assault Rifle – DR-H

DR-H CoD Mobile
The DR-H takes the lead in the fight of the ARs.

The DR-H is the best Assault Rifle in Season 6, boasting a ton of damage output with little to no recoil making it a top-tier pick for long-range combat.

Remebling the classic SCAR-H, it needs no Optic attachment featuring the same clean iron sight by default. Additionally, its three-tap potential is significantly better than its counterparts, which allows it to bag the top spot.

Best SMG – PDW-57

PDW-57 SMG CoD Mobile
The PDW-57 maintains its lead in the SMG class.

Despite the number of buffs and nerfs that the PDW-57 has seen in the last few updates, it still is the best SMG. This weapon has all you need in an SMG – fast firing, low recoil, and great range. Despite the fierce competition against the CBR4 in previous seasons, the iconic BO2 SMG stands its ground.

Best Pistol – Renetti

Renetti Pistol CoD Mobile
The Renetti is a great secondary to have in medium and close-range combat.

While melees are fun and lethal, a Pistol like the Renetti will be a valuable pick if you run out of bullets in your Primary weapon. This lethal burst gun allows you to finish off enemies faster than most secondaries and paired with the right attachments, it can easily replace the Machine Pistol too.

Best Marksman Rifle – SKS

SKS Marksman Rifle CoD Mobile
The SKS continues to be the best Marksman Rifle.

Somewhat of a ‘skill cannon,’ what makes the SKS so powerful is its ability to two-shot to the chest and one-shot to the head.

If you’re accurate enough, the SKS can be devastating and you’ll be able to fly around the map taking down enemies. There aren’t many weapons that can challenge that TTK.

Best Shotgun – R-90

R9-0 Shotgun CoD Mobile
The R9-0 offers a mix between a semi-auto and pump-action shotgun.

The R9-0 has been the most popular Shotgun for ages and has retained its position in the sixth season. The only counterpart able to compete is the KRM-262, but given the R9-0’s magazine size, along with the fire ammunition, it tops the category making it the perfect close-range weapon.

Best LMG – Holger 26

Holger 26 LMG CoD Mobile
The Holger 26 takes the LMG crown.

The Holger 26 is the best in the LMG category, boasting a massive 100-round magazine. With limited tweaks to other LMGs, the Holger 26 remains a popular choice if you’re looking for high ammo capacity, damage, and low recoil to control long-range encounters in the game.

Best Sniper – LW3 Tundra

LW3 Tundra Sniper Rifle CoD Mobile
Black Ops Cold War’s LW3 Tundra is the go-to Sniper Rifle for most players.

The LW3 Tundra is one of the guns that have stood the test of time. After being dethroned by the DL Q33 in Season 5, this powerful Sniper is back as the best pick in CoD Mobile.

Despite a nerf, the LW3 Tundra still boasts incredibly fast ADS speed, mobility, and damage output making it the ideal choice whether you’re looking to quickscope or hit long-range shots.

No matter which of the best guns you pick, be sure you complement these with the best settings, allowing you to take down enemies easily in CoD Mobile.

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