MW3 players frustrated as update breaks Cruise Missile Killstreak

Max Candelarezi
MW3 players calling a cruise missile

Significant updates usually bring a huge amount of content and changes to MW3. However, when changes are made, the game can also break certain features. Following the February 21 update in Season 2, players reported their frustration with the Cruise Missile Killstreak being broken.

MW3 Season 2 is currently underway offering plenty of new content players can explore, including brand-new 6v6 multiplayer maps, several weapon buffs and nerfs, alongside fresh Aftermarket Parts, and new weaponry like the RAM-9 SMG and BP50 AR.

However, since major updates bring multiple changes and updates to existing content as well as adding new content, some features may suffer bugs that could significantly impact the experience. This was the case with the Cruise Missile Killstreak, which after MW3’s February 21 update, appears to be broken.

In several Reddit and X posts, players have reported that they aren’t able to control the Cruise Missile Killstreak within MW3’s multiplayer. User ‘Squishy_Mittens’ asked the community, “Did the latest update break the cruise missiles? I can’t control them since they updated everything. I can still boost it but I can steer it.”

Luckily for them, the community promptly helped them out by sharing that they had the same problem which obstructs the handling of the Cruise Missile in MW3. “Same here it doesn’t work I’ve had 4 and couldn’t control any of them” a user shared in the post’s responses.

Although the reason why the Cruise Missiles aren’t working correctly in MW3 remains unknown, player reports confirmed this problem occurs on all platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, and PC). In another Reddit post, user ‘Sad_Temperature_7455’ noted the Cruise Missile bug on PC stating they “reset keybinds and restarted game” and it didn’t fix the issue.

As this widespread bug impacts various platforms, it’s expected that SHG will promptly address the issue, to ensure the correct functionality of this Killstreak across both public and Ranked matches.

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