MW3 players baffled OP Sniper ‘ruining’ matches still hasn’t been nerfed

Nathan Warby
MW3 players on Invasion

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Reloaded brought a ton of weapon balancing changes, but players can’t believe that a Sniper Rifle dominating matches was left untouched while other options were nerfed.

Modern Warfare 3 is packed full of weapons for players to choose from, each catering to a different playstyle. From all-round Assault Rifles to close-range SMGs, there’s an option for every scenario.

As always though, not every gun is created equally and a handful have risen to the top of the meta. The devs look to address this with regular updates to keep things balanced, with the latest batch of buffs and nerfs arriving in Season 2 Reloaded.

However, MW3 players can’t believe that the Longbow was left untouched by the last round of changes, while other weapons were handed hefty nerfs.

Reddit user ‘I_SNORT_G-FUEL’ shared a post with the caption: “They nerfed the [Lockwood] 680 but kept this s**t.” They accompanied it with a clip of Longbow dominating lobbies, one-shotting enemies at all ranges thanks to the Tyrant 762 Kit.

Plenty of other MW3 players agreed with the OP, claiming that the Longbow is too easy to use and does too much damage in its current state. Especially when you consider that MW2’s SP-X 80, another lightweight Sniper, was given a slight nerf in the midseason patch.

“Gun with Assault Rifle handling but snipers damage cant work well.. unbalanced guns like [the] Longbow should be nerfed 24h after the patch,” said ‘Jolbertti’ in a separate thread, while another said: “That gun on any REALLY good player can singlehandedly ruin a lobby.”

Meanwhile, others argued that a nerf is unlikely, since the Sniper Rifle appears in a number of bundles and has an Aftermarket Part tied to it.

“Longbow is far overdue for a nerf. I think the last weapon balancing of it was buffed for God knows why. Probably because it is in the most bundles.”

The next major update is Modern Warfare 3 Season 3, so only time will tell if the Sniper Rifle finally receives a nerf. Until then, players will likely keep running into it, especially on smaller maps like Das Haus and Shipment.

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