MW3 players claim game crashes & bugs ruining Ranked Play

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Ranked Play Operators in Terminal

MW3 Season 1 Reloaded introduced the long-awaited Ranked Play mode, allowing players to compete by climbing through the ranks. However, many have claimed “terrible” crashes and bugs that significantly impact the experience.

MW3 Season 1 Reloaded brought a ton of content that players can dive into, including new weapons, the HRM-9 SMG and TAQ Evolvere LMG, several audio improvements, a fresh Aftermarket Parts roster, and more.

Notably for competitive players, the mid-season update brought the Ranked Play mode to Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer, offering players a comprehensive CDL-based experience to progress through the ranks and earn exclusive rewards.

However, many slammed the competitive mode given its “terrible” penalizations which are ruining the overall experience. In a Reddit post, user ‘IsmokePreworkout’ said: “Ranked is a**. I’m getting kicked out of games for no reason… the whole menu froze and I get more SR loss for inactivity.”

In the comments, ‘MathematicianMuch445’ added, “Penalising people for piss poor servers and game crashes is enough to make me want to delete [MW3],” and state the game’s servers timing out and constant connection issues are “utter crap.”

“I had a 5 win streak. Was excited to win another. Then the game was cancelled due to unbalanced teams. Got back to the menu and my streak was taken away,” user ‘Connect_Example_6914’ shared. “Had all the same issues. People say if we wait it’ll be good eventually. So far I’m unimpressed. Getting a lobby together is one thing. Then getting a good lobby is another,” another player stated.

Despite criticizing the “worst servers in the industry,” players believe that MW3‘s Ranked Play unbalanced teams, unfilled games, and constant crashes completely ruin the competitive experience.

“I was searching for a game… another friend wanted to join and the ‘searching for match’ message turned to ‘connecting…’ I canceled the match… we all got hit with a suspension for “leaving a match” and we lost SR as well,” user ‘SwordsOfWar’ shared agreeing with the rest of the Ranked players.

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