MW3 players claim SBMM makes Ranked Play “worst competitive mode”

Aakash Regmi
MW3 Ranked Play Operators in Terminal

Some MW3 players do not appear to be flattered at all by the newly introduced Ranked Play and are calling it the “worst” mode they’ve ever played. 

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded saw the highly anticipated Ranked Play being added to the first-person shooter. It didn’t have a perfect start, however, as the update was plagued with several bugs that delayed Ranked Play.

It has been a fair while since the mode was live in MW3, long enough for players to get their bearings and see what it has to offer in terms of rewards and modes. While some are enjoying the experience, others are not, and some are even sharing reasons as to why they think that’s the case, SBMM being a chief among them.  

Reddit user TSM-HabZ posted on the MW3 subreddit, calling Ranked Play “probably the WORST competitive mode I’ve ever played.” Many other players in the comments are also agreeing with the OP.

SBMM is a major reason why players aren’t enjoying it in MW3, although it is game-wide frustration for some players and is not exclusive to Ranked Play: “The SBMM on ranked is the most insane thing I have ever seen. Playing only crim/iri level players every match and I’m only plat 3 so far. The SBMM in Ranked managed to be way worse than pubs.”

Others are saying playing solo isn’t a very fun experience, but with friends, it is enjoyable: “It can be pretty fun if you play with friends. I don’t envy the people solo queuing this s**it.”

Plenty of complaints seem to be about inconsistent skill bracket placement and spawns as well. As a user wrote, “got to Diamond today and why the f**k was my team full of lower-end golds and the other was a mix of diamond, plats, and a gold 3?”

Another user echoed the same, “I think that it’s broken for many reasons but the way they calculate SR means you can be a skilled player and get stuck in low ranks due to getting hard matches.”

Ranked Play was only added with the Season 1 Reloaded update, it remains to be seen how many changes the mode will see with upcoming updates and whether it’ll address some of these complaints. 

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