MW3: How to get Ninja Vest Perk

Luca Di Marzo
MW3 Ninja Vest Perk

The Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 update brought plenty of new content to the game, including the Ninja Vest Perk. If you’re aiming to stay hidden in matches, here’s how to get the Ninja Perk Vest in MW3.

The Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 update arrived with plenty of new content to explore, including several new maps, two new weapons, a The Walking Dead crossover, and so much more. Aside from weapon balance changes that are set to impact the meta, a new Perk has also arrived that could shake things up in a big way.

MW3 Season 2 introduces players to the Ninja Vest Perk, the latest addition to the Vest selection of Perks following Season 1’s Assassin’s Vest. If you’re looking to sneak around maps undetected, then the Ninja Vest Perk is perfect for you.

Here’s how to get the Ninja Vest Perk in Modern Warfare 3.

How to unlock Ninja Vest Perk in MW3

MW3 players need to complete five Daily Challenges to get the Ninja Vest Perk. The Ninja Vest can be found in the Armory Unlock system of the MW3 menu. Make sure to activate it before attempting the Daily Challenges.

While only three Daily Challenges are available per day, winning matches will also count toward the five ticks of progression you’ll need to get the Ninja Vest Perk in MW3.

When equipped, the Ninja Vest Perk provides the following attributes in MW3:

  • Eliminate footstep sounds.
  • Immune to movement reduction effects.
  • Bonus Shuriken and Throwing Knife ammo.
  • Resupply Shuriken and Throwing Knives every 25 seconds.

Thanks to the “eliminate footstep sounds” effect, players with the Ninja Vest equipped do not need to use Covert Sneakers. This frees up players to select a different type of sneaker, like the Lightweight Sneaker, which increases movement speed.

It remains to be seen how the new Ninja Vest will impact the Perk selection meta in Modern Warfare 3, but given how powerful silent footsteps can be, it’s likely to be a popular choice.

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