MW3 Season 2 finally brings highly-requested melee nerf

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operator finishing an enemy

MW3 Season 2 brings a highly requested nerf to melee weapons in multiplayer, as the devs detail a significant change to the mechanic in the patch notes.

Every major seasonal update for Modern Warfare 3 introduces balance changes and new content for players to enjoy. With Season 2, players can get their hands on some new weapons, maps, and events.

However, that isn’t all, as the update also brings major changes to gameplay, including a health buff, improvements to mouse and keyboard, and even a melee nerf.

Speaking of the latter, many had become fed up with the strength of melee weapons in Modern Warfare 3, and it seems the devs have addressed the issue with a nerf to the playstyle in Season 2.

MW3 Season 2 melee nerf

In MW3 Season 2, the melee lunge distance has been reduced, meaning that players will have to be a lot closer to connect with an attack.

The melee lunge distance has been reduced by 30% for all melee weapons in MW3, making it more similar to the standards set in MW2.

MW3 Warzone Operators Ghost Laswell Season 2
MW3 Season 2 will reduce the melee lunge distance.

This applies to all the melee weapons in Modern Warfare 3, so don’t be surprised if your trusty knife is no longer lacking onto enemies from a fair distance, as now you’ll have to get a bit closer and risk death before getting a melee kill.

We’ll have to wait and see just how powerful this nerf is, as it could make melee weapons balanced, or make them obsolete, leaving those who enjoy the more stealthy, sneaky playstyle down bad.

Until then, make sure you check out every new weapon arriving in Season 2 for MW3 and Warzone and the new Ninja Vest that could become a top Perk pick.

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