MW3 Season 1 adds new Perk even stronger than Ghost

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 assassin vestActivision

The MW3 Season 1 update is set to introduce a brand-new Vest that will challenge Ghost, offering a more effective form of the powerful Perk.

MW3’s first season is on its way, and as the devs revealed all the details, multiplayer fans finally got a look at some of the new content and changes coming.

While Sledgehammer Games’ official statement regarding SBMM stole the show, arguably one of the most impactful pieces of new content was the Assassin Vest. This is the brand-new Perk Vest coming to MW3 in Season 1, and it looks to challenge Ghost for a spot in player loadouts.

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The Assassin Vest in MW3 provides the following benefits: “Kills don’t display skulls. Immune to UAV and enemy radar effects (including while stationary).”

This is essentially an upgraded version of Ghost, as it works even when you are stationary, also providing the benefit of your kills not displaying skulls, leaving the enemy team with even less intel on your position.

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Some players in the comments of CharlieIntel’s X post called it the “OP version of Ghost,” mainly because it provides the same benefit as Ghost but works even while stationary.

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With MW3‘s Ghost T/V Camo, players need to be on the move the receive its effects, stopping players from just camping. However, the Assassin Vest now lets players do just that, and some aren’t too happy about it: “They couldn’t resist not giving campers the free ghost perk… This is absolutely unnecessary.”

While it does challenge Ghost, it also buffs the popular Perk if you stack it with the Assassin Vest, as it will give you the effects of the Hijacked IFF Strobe Gear, making you undetectable by AI targeting systems and thermal optics.

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So, those looking for the ultimate stealth build will want to combine these Perks for the best results.

That said, running the Assassin Vest may cost you certain slots in your loadout such as your boots or Equipment, which could balance it out, but we’ll have to wait and see come December 6 when MW3 Season 1 drops. For now, check out how to unlock the RAM-7 in MW3 and Warzone Season 1.

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