MW3 Season 4 brings major footstep audio nerf to silent Boot Perk

Joseph Pascoulis
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Season 4 of MW3 has made some major changes, but one of the most interesting is the change to footstep audio.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 has arrived with a bang, introducing a bag of new content and huge balance changes that will no doubt shift the meta.

One of the most intriguing updates that was announced in the MW3 Season 4 patch notes had to do with footstep audio, as the devs announced that they have “decreased [the] volume of footstep sounds from enemy players.”

Footstep audio is always a major topic of discussion in shooters, as players use it to gain an advantage. MW3 footstep audio was previously considered to be quite loud unless you were using the Covert Sneakers, which completely eliminates your footstep audio.

This made the Covert Sneakers the most popular Boots in the game, and in the Season 4 patch notes, the devs revealed their wish for more variety in the Perk category. So, they’ve decided to lower the general footstep volume in the game in hopes that it encourages players to choose different Perks in the Boots category.

The volume for walking, sprinting, and Tac-Sprinting have all been lowered, so you may not have to rely on Covert Sneakers to prevent yourself from being heard by enemies around the battlefield.

Those who enjoy a more sneaky playstyle will likely never drop the Cover Sneakers simply because they completely get rid of your footstep sounds, however, this change could influence others to branch out.

It could have a big impact on the way MW3 multiplayer is played, as lower footstep audio could mean that players are likely to be less fearful of being heard and therefore play more aggressively.

Ultimately, only time will tell if this change manages to impact the Cover Sneakers’ usage and gameplay in MW3, as the devs already tried to steer players away from the popular Boots with the introduction of the Ninja Vest. With Black Ops 6 on the horizon, who knows, perhaps Treyarch will be keeping a keen eye on how it all plays out.