Modern Warfare 3: How to fix error code 2901

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If you are trying to connect to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 servers and receive the 2901 error code, here’s how to temporarily fix it.

When trying to join online matches in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, some problems like error code 2901 might pop up. Some of them are related to problems with the in-game servers, while some others might involve the player’s connection.

If you are being prevented from joining an online match, don’t freak out, as the error might have a simple solution. To avoid disrupting your gaming experience, here’s how to fix one of the most common errors while connecting to MW3.

MW3 Error code 2901Activision
Players might encounter error code 2901 when trying to join online matches in MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 error code 2901 troubleshoot

Sadly, there isn’t a permanent fix for the 2901 error code in MW3. Here are some standard methods for fixing server connection issues that help out in these cases:

  • Restart the game: When you restart MW3 you will re-connect to the game servers, helping you potentially solve error code 2901.
  • Check the game’s server status: Check for any disruptions or connectivity issues with the game’s server. You can check this by visiting CoD’s official website or Twitter page.
  • Restart your PC/console: Restarting your system will clear all the temporary files causing the MW3 error code 2901.
  • Update your game: Always make sure to have the game’s latest version installed.
  • Verify the integrity of the game files: If you are playing the Steam version of MW3, you can right-click the game on your Library, go to Properties, Installed Files, and click the ´Verify integrity of game files´ to check the local installation. If it finds a problem, it will start a download prompt on corrupted or missing files.
  • Reinstall the whole game: If none of the above worked, it might be best to reinstall the whole game to fix the issue.

If your problem persists, or error 2901 is not going anywhere, you can contact the official support team to help you resolve any issues.

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