Modern Warfare 3 removes hated MW2 feature to make Gunsmith “easier to use”

Liam Mackay
Modern Warfare 3 players in multiplayer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 introduced the weapon tuning feature, letting players use sliders to fine-tune attachment stats, but Sledgehammer Games have removed the feature from Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 walks back on much that was changed in 2022’s MW2, with Sledgehammer Games taking on player feedback and bringing back the classic minimap, slide-canceling, map voting, and more.

Although a lot has changed between games, a lot of Modern Warfare 2’s content carries over, including the weapons, Operators, cosmetics, some maps, and the widely criticized UI. With all of Modern Warfare 2’s weapons available, you might be wondering if the controversial Weapon Tuning feature will make a return.

Weapon Tuning removed in Modern Warfare 3

Ahead of launch, the devs have revealed all of the weapons, Perks, and Equipment that you can use, and took the time to confirm that Weapon Tuning has been removed from Modern Warfare 3.

Weapon Tuning let players adjust the attributes of weapon attachments, such as increasing recoil control at the cost of aim down sight speed, and vice versa. MW2 players found this overly complicated and “useless,” so many will be glad to see they don’t have to worry about tinkering with every attachment when building MW3 loadouts.

“Based on community feedback, Sledgehammer Games has removed the Weapon Tuning feature present in MWII and has made further improvements to make Gunsmith easier to use,” revealed the devs in a November 3 blog post. “This change to Weapon Tuning applies to both MWII and MWIII weapons that utilize modifications.”

So even though Modern Warfare 2’s guns will be usable in Modern Warfare 3, the attachments won’t have the tuning feature. Whether Tuning will still be in Warzone remains to be seen, but since it’s been removed from MW3, it’s unlikely.

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