Modern Warfare 2 players call for popular feature to fix “useless” weapon tuning

Liam Mackay
Weapon tuning feature in call of duty modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 allows players to tune their weapon attachments to increase or decrease their positive and negative attributes but players feel the system is “useless” without a classic feature.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 allows players to customize their weapons more than ever before, offering tons of attachments and the weapon tuning feature where players can adjust attachments’ attributes, increasing the recoil control at the cost of ADS speed, for example.

Call of Duty players have lamented Modern Warfare 2’s lack of classic features, and they’re calling on another popular feature to return and make attachment tuning worthwhile.

Reddit user MoeFrappy said that the weapon tuning and Gunsmith systems are “useless if I can’t save my gun.”

Players have been able to save their Gunsmith creations as Custom Blueprints in the past few Call of Duty games, but the feature is missing from Modern Warfare 2 at launch.

With how precisely you can tune your Modern Warfare 2 attachments, the Reddit user explained how they are forgetting how they tuned their attachments when going back to weapons, and even forgetting what attachments they preferred.

The post had over 1,000 upvotes at the time of writing and the replies were full of players lodging the same complaint.

“Seriously, this is the feature I miss the most from MW19 … We have so many cool guns and awesome attachments, plus granular tuning, and you can save none of that long-term. F**king hell,” ranted ImmaculateBadger24.

“My biggest complaint by far,” replied one player. “Let me save the gun or give me unlimited loadouts.”

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“For real, I’ve got like 6 classes reserved for really nice gun setups I like but can’t change off because I don’t want to lose them,” said another. “This is the #1 QoL feature the game is missing.”

We expect the feature to make its way to Modern Warfare 2 eventually, but players are hoping that it’s sooner rather than later — perhaps in November 16’s Season 1 update.

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