MW3 players claim most hated new feature makes weapons “significantly worse”

Luca Di Marzo
MW3 Aftermarket Parts

Modern Warfare 3 offers a ton of nostalgia with the full slate of MW2 2009 maps in the game, but it also brought several new features to dissect. While new features like the Perk system overhaul and Tac Stance have been well received, it seems the same cannot be said for Aftermarket Parts.

Modern Warfare 3 players are still getting to grips with all of the new features that arrived on November 10, before the Season 1 update brings even more content to the game. From new camos to grind, to plenty of items to unlock through the new Armory Unlock system, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into.

It may have taken some getting used to, but players are finally warming up to the Armory Unlock system. The new system was just one of several new features Sledgehammer Games decided to introduce in Modern Warfare 3.

Of all the new and returning features in the game, players didn’t hesitate to single out the one they hated the most. The Reddit post below features an MW3 fan claiming that “Weapon conversion kits are a big let down,” when referring to Aftermarket Parts.

The post clarified that the player was “surprised by how bad these conversion kits are,” and that “putting any of them on your gun will not only take up 1 attachment slot, but also make the gun significantly worse.”

Most players agreed that equipping Aftermarket Parts hurt the eligible weapons more than it helped them. The Pulemyot Bullpup Kit seemed to be the only weapon that players spoke somewhat highly of.

As for the MW3’s Renetti Pistol, it seems players are not fond of the recoil that comes with its Aftermarket Part: “I’m not a fan of the Rennetti SBR kit. WAY too much recoil.” Another player added: “I agree. Renetti feels better in burst for me. Can’t forget the conversion kit takes up an attachment slot too.”

One player summed up their experience with a few kits: “The MCW Battle Rifle conversion is inferior to the standard BR. The Broodmother is worse than the standard Uzi, due to its low rate of fire.”

While the opinion of MW3 Aftermarket Parts for certain weapons was unanimous, players seemed to be divided on others: “Akimbo WSP-Swarm kitted out right has zero recoil and a small af hipfire spread anyway. It melts idk what you’re on.”

Perhaps all it takes is for players to find the right attachment combinations while using Aftermarket Parts to make the new feature viable.

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