MW3 players beg devs to remove “disgusting” random aiming features

Nathan Warby
MW3 player aiming in Firing Range

Each Modern Warfare 3 weapon has a number of stats that affect its accuracy, but there are also other random factors that cause players to miss shots. Now, fans are calling for these “disgusting” features to be removed.

Modern Warfare 3 features an extensive lineup of weapons, from versatile Assault Rifles to close-range SMGs. Since the game launched back in November, players have been busy finding the best guns and their ideal setups.

Each individual weapon has its own unique set of stats, which affect its range, mobility, and, most importantly, accuracy. However, while players can use attachments to help with recoil and kick, there are certain factors that are beyond their control, like aiming sway and bouncing.

After living with Modern Warfare 3 for some time now, players have called for Sledgehammer Games to remove these features.

Reddit user ‘MetalingusMikeII’ shared a post after watching a video from TrueGameData on the topic. They called the inclusion of random factors like sway “disgusting” and explained why they shouldn’t be part of the game.

“Apart from the minority of people who j**k themselves over realism, most players do not like RNG,” said the OP. Having your aim dance around, with bullets not even following the centre of the screen, is forced inaccuracy and is ​not fun.”

They went on to compare the aiming in MW3 to 2022’s Modern Warfare 2, which featured plenty of visual recoil, before adding how the devs could make landing shots more difficult without adding random factors.

“Can we not just have normal FPS developer weapon tuning? If you want to make weapons more difficult to land shots with… do that without RNG,” they continued. “Increase the recoil, something that’s been lacking in CoD weapons for decades. Force us all to learn more difficult recoil patterns – people will learn and improve.”

Plenty of players agreed with the OP, mentioning that they rely heavily on attachments that eliminate sway in an effort to combat Modern Warfare 3’s aiming.

“I often max out sway stats because recoil is better than RNG,” said one reply, before another added: “The reticle bobbing around when I look left and right is ridiculous. I don’t know how that made it into the game, but it’s a joke.”

The devs are yet to address this complaint from the community, but it’s clear Modern Warfare 3 players are hoping for some changes to be introduced in Season 1 Reloaded or beyond.

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