Modern Warfare 3 reveal event in Warzone 2: Date & time, how to play, rewards, more

Nathan Warby
Al Mazrah Observatory area in Warzone 2Activision

Activision have confirmed Modern Warfare 3 will be launching later this year, and players will be able to get a first official look with Warzone’s live reveal event. Here’s everything we know so far about the MW3 reveal event in Warzone including the date and time, how to play it, all rewards, and more.

With the upcoming arrival of Modern Warfare 3, the developers have already unveiled a host of details. These include the seamless carry-over of weapons, Operators, and blueprints from its predecessor, a captivating hint at slide canceling’s return, and the long-awaited confirmation of the classic minimap’s comeback.

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Modern Warfare 3’s full worldwide reveal will take place through an in-game live event in Warzone 2‘s Al Mazrah. So here’s everything you need to know about the MW3 reveal event including the dates and times, how to play it, rewards, and more.

Modern Warfare 3 reveal event date & time

Modern Warfare 3’s reveal event takes place on Thursday, August 17 at 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM ET / 6:30 PM BST inside Warzone 2.

How to play Modern Warfare 3 reveal event in Warzone 2 Season 5

Modern Warfare 3’s reveal event will be available in Warzone as a limited-time event. Simply log in on the day the reveal event takes place, and you’ll find the “Shadow Siege” playlist.

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In the Warzone Season 5 blog, the devs highlight that in this event, you will “Join the ranks of Shadow Company to take on Konni forces and secure the chemical weapon threat before it’s too late.”

Finally, this brief explanation from the developers is accompanied by an image of the Al Mazrah Observatory area, indicating that this would be the main stage of the event.

All Modern Warfare 3 Shadow Siege reveal event rewards

Call of Duty announced all of the Modern Warfare 3 Shadow Siege reveal event rewards and their requirements that will be available by playing the event, including the brand-new M13C Assault Rifle.

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Recently, Call of Duty’s LATAM account shared each reward requirement, so here’s a full list of every available event reward and each requirement.

  • Emblem – Konni Group
    • Explode the Observatory
  • Calling Card – Crimson Sound
    • Successful extraction from the mission
  • Charm – Gas Canister
    • Deliver Gas Canisters as a single Squad in a single deployment
  • Vehicle Skin – Serpent Slayer
    • Secure the missile launcher
  • Battle Pass Tier Skip
    • Intercept 5 Makarov radio transmissions
  • New Weapon – M13C Assault Rifle
    • Help eliminate 5 Commanders

Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer provides Warzone 2 event image

Upon the release of the first official Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer, Call of Duty included a small easter egg for players to complete that reveals an additional event image. To access it, players would have to engage in a conversation with a number that appears briefly in the initial moments of the trailer.

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When the word ‘Ready’ is texted to this number, an automatic response pops up saying: “major conflict incoming, a lot of opportunity,” hinting at the event. It follows up with, “we need someone like you, with experience in Al Mazrah,” reaffirming the previous information that the event will take place on the current Warzone 2 Battle Royale map.

The conversation comes to a close when the recipient agrees to receive “sensitive intel,” which follows with the next message: “expect critical intel. a taste of what’s to come,” accompanied by a new official image of the event.

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The image shows the location of the Observatory, as previously mentioned in the article, with eight marked dots attached to the center of the POI, and a blurry image of what appears to be a missile.

According to the blog, the event will have players help Shadow Company to secure the chemical weapon threat, which could be the missile shown in the image.

So far, that’s everything we know about the Modern Warfare 3 reveal event in Warzone. As soon as new details are still unveiled, we will make sure to keep you updated.

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