What are Clean Kills in Modern Warfare 3?

Nikhil Bahuguna
Modern Warfare 3 operators shooting behind a Riot Shield

Clean Kills are sometimes required to complete MW3 Weekly Challenges in Season 3. Here’s a guide to what Clean Kills are in Modern Warfare 3, so you can complete every challenge in the game.

MW3 Season 3 continues to add new multiplayer challenges requiring players to get different types of kills to complete Weekly Challenges. One of these challenges tasks players with getting Clean Kills.

So, here’s how to get Clean Kills in Modern Warfare 3.

How to get Clean Kills in MW3

To get Clean Kills in MW3, you need to finish off enemies without taking any damage, including damage from incoming explosives.

Additionally, certain challenges can require Suppressed Clean Kills and Clean Kills while ADS (aiming down sight) in MW3. For this you need to get Clean Kills while having a suppressor Muzzle attachment equipped and while aiming down sight, respectively.

We recommend equipping attachments that increase the weapon’s damage range and recoil control to maximize your chances of getting Clean Kills. You can also surprise attack your enemies, and if they’re unable to react in time, you’ll be able to secure kills with ease without taking any form of damage.

There you have it, that’s all you need to know to get Clean Kills in Modern Warfare 3. For more content on the game, make sure to check out the following:

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