How to get secret Geode MCW Blueprint in MW3 Zombies

Nathan Warby
MW3 Zombies players in Dark Aether Rift

Modern Warfare 3 is packed full of rare weapon variants and you can earn the secret Geode Blueprint for the MCW in Zombies. Here’s how to get the Geode Blueprint in MW3 Zombies.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 brought a ton of new content to multiplayer, from more 6v6 maps to fresh weapons like the RAM-7. Zombies fans also got treated to plenty of new arrivals, including the V-R11 Wonder Weapon and new Schematics.

This year’s third mode also received Dark Aether Rifts, a high-tier activity designed to put a squad’s skills to the test. In these areas, players can find rare items like the Golden Armor Plate Schematic, but there’s also a hidden MCW Blueprint up for grabs.

Here’s how to get the Geode Blueprint for the MCW in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

How to unlock Geode Blueprint in Modern Warfare 3

mw3 operator holding aether blade in zombies
The Geode Blueprint forces players to go to the toughest areas in MW3 Zombies.

Modern Warfare 3 players can unlock the Geode Blueprint by completing all three Contacts in the Elder Dark Aether Rift in Zombies mode. This will be no easy task, as you only have 15 minutes to finish them all and get out before the gate closes.

Even getting to the required area will take plenty of effort, so here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to unlock the Geoge MCW Blueprint in MW3:

  1. Complete the Bad Signal mission, this will be the first time you enter the Dark Aether Rift Zone, but you’ll likely be too underpowered to tackle the Elder Dark Aether.
  2. To re-enter the Dark Aether Rift, collect the four Keys: Dog Collar, Locked Diary, Pill Bottle, and Surveillance Camera.
  3. Visit Aether Tears to upgrade each Key to Gold Rarity.
  4. Return to the Dark Aether Rift portal from the Bad Signal mission and use the Keys to open it.
  5. Once inside, complete each Contract within 30 minutes to earn Elder Sigils.
  6. Return to the portal and use the Sigils to access the Elder Dark Aether Rift.
  7. Complete all three Contracts in the Elder Dark Aether Rift to unlock the Geoge Blueprint for MCW.

The Elder Dark Aether is the toughest area in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, so you’ll need to be heavily armed with Pack-a-Punched weapons and prepared for a challenge. You also only have 15 minutes to complete all three Contacts and escape, so be afraid to recruit some extra help from players in your lobby.

There is no notification on the screen to let you know if you’ve successfully unlocked the Geode MCW Blueprint in MW3, but it’ll be waiting for you in the loadout menu after the game.

Completing each Contract will also earn a reward rift, which could contain the Golden Armor Plate, Aether Blade, or Dog Bone Schematics, so there are plenty of reasons to give this challenge a go.

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