How to get free Warzone 4th Anniversary Pack: MCW Blueprint, Stickers, more

Nathan Warby
Warzone 4th Anniversary Pack and Stickers

To celebrate four years of Warzone, the devs have released a free bundle for battle royale and MW3 players to unlock. Here’s how to get the 4th Anniversary Pack in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

Warzone turned four years old on March 10, and the devs are marking the occasion by releasing a free bundle featuring a weapon skin in Season 3. The Blueprint celebrates the game’s history, which started in 2020 with Verdansk before evolving with new maps like Caldera, Al Mazrah, and now Urzikstan.

So, here’s how to get the free 4th Anniversary Pack in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

How to unlock 4th Anniversary Blueprint in MW3 & Warzone

The Warzone 4th Anniversary Pack can be claimed for free from the in-game store from April 3. Simply log in and select the ‘Free Gift’ in the CoD Store to instantly unlock the bundle.

It was announced in the Season 3 blog, but it isn’t clear how long the bundle will be available. With this in mind, we recommend snapping it up right away so you don’t miss out.

Warzone 4th Anniversary Pack contents

The Warzone 4th Anniversary Pack features the ‘Well Traveled’ MCW Blueprint, which plasters the Assault Rifle with 12 Stickers that reference Warzone’s history. While the full camo is exclusive to the MCW, the pack also includes each Sticker to be applied to other guns individually.

Check out the full list of rewards below below:

  • Well Traveled (MCW Blueprint)
  • Caldera Shores (Sticker)
  • Fortune’s Keep (Sticker)
  • Gora Dam (Sticker)
  • Live, Respawn, Repeat (Sticker)
  • Oasis (Sticker)
  • Open Air Market (Sticker)
  • Paradisum (Sticker)
  • Rebirth Island (Sticker)
  • The Palace (Sticker)
  • Urzikstan Rail (Sticker)
  • Verdansk Arena (Sticker)
  • Vondel (Sticker)

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