MW3 & Warzone Retro Warfare event end date & how to get free rewards

Nathan Warby
Pixel Operator in MW3 Bit Party mode

MW3 and Warzone are celebrating the start of Season 4 Reloaded with the Retro Warfare event, giving you the chance to earn a host of free rewards.

The mid-season update brings plenty of new content, but the one catching players’ eye is the Bit Party mode. The devs are doubling down on this pixel-themed mode with the Retro Warfare event, so here’s all you need to know about it.

Start & end date

MW3 and Warzone’s Retro Warfare event began on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, and runs until Tuesday, July 9. This gives you almost two weeks to grind every reward.

MW3 Ghost Operator during Retro Warfare event
Retro Warfare is heavily inspired by the new Bit Party mode.

How to earn rewards

You can get free rewards during the MW3 Retro Warfare event by simply playing matches and earning XP. While some in-game events come with specific objectives that need to be ticked off, this is one of the easier challenges that rewards you for playing as you normally would.

If you want to speed up the process, players with an Operator from the Tracer Pack: 8-Bit Blitz Bundle equipped will receive a 5,000 XP XP boost per match. The bundle is sold separately in the store.

All rewards

There are 18 free rewards players can get by completing the XP milestones in the Retro Warfare event, including a pixel-themed Weapon Blueprint.

Bit Blaster Bruen Mk9 Weapon Blueprint
The Bit Blaster Weapon Blueprint features a yellow pixel-themed design.

Here are all the rewards and requirements:

  1. Disc Data Weapon Sticker – 10,000 XP
  2. Retro Warfare Large Decal – 20,500 XP
  3. Double Weapon XP Token – 37,200 XP
  4. Stage Select Calling Card – 55,000 XP
  5. Player Select Large Decal – 78,000 XP
  6. Player 1 Emblem – 105,000 XP
  7. Double Battle Pass XP Token – 140,000 XP
  8. Level Up! Animated Calling Card – 180,500 XP
  9. Double Weapon XP Token – 230,500 XP
  10. Battle Pass Tier Skip – 290,000 XP
  11. Double XP Token – 350,400 XP
  12. Game Over Camo – 400,000 XP
  13. Double Battle Pass XP Token – 454,000 XP
  14. Stimmed Weapon Charm – 510,500 XP
  15. Double XP Token – 560,900 XP
  16. Boom! Emblem – 600,500 XP
  17. Boom! Double Battle Pass XP Token – 650,000 XP
  18. Bit Blaster Bruen Mk9 Weapon Blueprint – 705,000 XP

Season 4 Reloaded is a huge update for MW3 and Warzone, not just bringing the Bit Party playlist but also introducing players to the Mutation modes, as well as the new Sledgehammer and Reclaimer 18 weapons.