Black Ops 6 devs clear up file size concerns as 300GB store listing shocks fans

Nathan Warby
Missile being launched in Black Ops 6

With pre-orders for Black Ops 6 now live, many fans were shocked to see that the file size was over 300GB. However, Activision have responded to ease some of the concerns.

Black Ops 6 is due to arrive on October 25 and CoD fans got their first in-depth look at the new installment after the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. Following the event, which showed off the new movement and the return of the classic Prestige system, pre-orders officially went live.

But as fans headed over to their respective stores to secure a copy of BO6, many were surprised to see how much storage the game would require. According to a listing on the Xbox Store, the game’s file size is around 309.8GB.

However, Activision told CharlieIntel during an event at Treyarch that this is the storage needed to install all of Call of Duty HQ, complete with Warzone, MW2, MW3, and a pre-install version of BO6. The actual file size of Black Ops 6 on its own for those who already have CoD HQ installed will be significantly smaller.

We also understand that Activision is working on reducing the total storage needed for the CoD HQ app after Black Ops 6 is released.

When Black Ops 6 arrives, many players will uninstall MW3 or any older games to save space, so most will likely never come close to the more than 300GB mentioned on the Xbox Store.

Last year’s game also had the option to delete specific features, like campaign or multiplayer, to free up space. It hasn’t been officially confirmed that BO6 will come with a similar feature, but if so, fans will be able to pick and choose which titles and modes they want to ensure they’re using valuable storage on the content they want.

However, it’s worth noting that you can’t download the new game without also installing Call of Duty HQ if you don’t have it already. So be sure to take that into account when clearing your hard drive.

The exact file size for BO6 alone is yet to be revealed, but given that it comes with a new single-player campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies, it’s expected to still be a pretty hefty download.