Modern Warfare 3 fans split over new movement after campaign gameplay reveal

Max Candelarezi
Modern Warfare player sliding

Following the official Modern Warfare 3 campaign gameplay reveal during the Gamescom event, CoD fans are split after witnessing the sliding movement mechanic in action.

With its release scheduled for November 10, 2023, Modern Warfare 3 has garnered high anticipation from CoD fans. Following Sledgehammer Games‘ announcements, fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting an experience that aligns with their expectations, as these have been voiced loudly in recent years.

The team has already confirmed several changes, bringing back fan-favorite content and features, including the return of the classic minimap, the inclusion of the original MW2 map roster, and significant changes to the game’s TTK.

In addition, they also confirmed substantial changes in the movement for MW3, reintroducing one of the most notable critiques of MW2, the slide cancel mechanic, alongside other adjustments compared to its predecessor.

Modern Warfare 3 players divided over new movement

Following the reveal, a small Modern Warfare 3 clip of campaign gameplay was revealed, showing players how movement works. Under CharlieIntel’s tweet sharing the clip, players have shared their divided reactions over the new movement shown in the campaign premiere.

“This looks exactly like MWII,” a player stated in the replies, with another chiming in, “That’s what y’all calling a slide cancel,” expressing their dissatisfaction with the showcased gameplay.

Another player summed up the issues many had with the gameplay, saying: “Not fast enough… this looks like another clunky year,” conveying, once again, their frustration with the movement mechanics reminiscent of MW2.

Ghost in Modern Warfare 3
MW2 content will carry over and be available at Modern Warfare 3’s launch.

However, some players defended the movement shown in the gameplay, arguing it may not reflect how MW3 multiplayer will play. “Remember this is the base sliding. In multiplayer there are perks and all sorts that can change the way you move,” one player commented, noting the perk system could be a major movement factor.

While it’s unknown at this time how the movement will work in multiplayer, players will have the opportunity to not only see it with the return of the COD NEXT event but also get to try it out for themselves with the Beta that will be available in October.

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