CoD expert claims MW3 movement changes won’t “destroy controllers”

Max Candelarezi
MW3 operator sliding

CoD expert JGOD has claimed that the new movement changes in Modern Warfare 3 might prevent the frustration that players experienced in the past, which led to “controller destruction.”

The worldwide reveal of Modern Warfare 3 took place through the Shadow Siege event in Warzone, giving players an initial glimpse of the upcoming title in the series.

Following the reveal, the Sledgehammer Games team shared a ton of information about the game, including all editions and pre-order bonuses, new campaign elements, fan-favorite features, the classic minimap’s return, and more.

In addition, they also revealed significant changes and additions to movement mechanics. As a result, CoD expert JGOD decided to explain all these changes, asserting they could improve what MW3’s predecessors had, and most importantly, prevent players from “destroying controllers.”

Modern Warfare 3 movement changes explained

After Modern Warfare 3 movement changes were revealed, content creator JGOD took the initiative to provide a detailed explanation of how they’ll work in the game compared to previous titles.

This year’s game is introducing numerous movement adjustments that were absent or not fully functional in prior entries. These include the highly anticipated reintroduction of the slide cancel mechanic, among others.

Ever since its initial introduction, tactical sprint has remained a beloved movement feature among players, providing a boosted sense of agility. However, considering MW 2019’s limitations and the overall removal of the slide cancel in MW2, JGOD’s explanation should get players eager for MW3 movement.

In his video, he first points out MW 2019’s tac sprint problem, noting that not only does it have a shorter duration, but also, “once it runs out, you never get the ability to do a tac sprint again,” leaning players to “heavily use the slide cancel mechanic.”

With the addition of MW3’s tac sprint recharging while sprinting, JGOD stated that players will no longer need to perform any “exploit mechanics” and “destroy your controller” to reset it, as it’ll automatically charge while the player is sprinting.

He mentioned that players will now need to have a greater understanding of “when and how to use it,” in order to effectively employ the MW3 slide cancel mechanic.

He also suggested MW3’s slide cancel will probably enable players to swiftly engage and kill enemies by using structures and leveraging “peeker’s advantage and desync.” This means attacking players will see enemies before they notice, therefore helping you to get some shots before they react.

All in all, JGOD concludes by saying that MW3 movement changes should allow players to access tac sprint “quicker” and “naturally move faster” without the need for spamming exploits, avoiding “destroy controllers” in the process.

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