All Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Ammo Mods: Every damage type explained

Joaquín Frere
MW3 Zombies.

If you want to unlock the full potential of every weapon in MW3 Zombies, you will need to use Ammo Mods with your guns. Here’s a list of every Ammo Mod and damage type as well as their effect in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

Learning how to utilize the vast arsenal in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies demands a strategic understanding of each Ammo Mod, as well as their damage types. Different effects can be useful in certain situations, and each Urzikstan Threat Zone challenges players with new dangers.

Some Ammo Mods and damage types are also required to complete Act missions in MW3 Zombies, so you should have the best understanding of them in order to progress. Here’s every Ammo Mod and damage type in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies explained.

What are MW3 Zombies Ammo Mods?

Brain Rot ammo mod in MW3 Zombies
The Brain Rot Ammo Mod will apply Toxic Damage to controlled Zombies.

MW3 Zombies Ammo Mods are upgrades for your ammunition that allow a weapon to apply special effects to damaged enemies. Whether you’re burning enemies up, or freezing them to slow their movement, these mods are your best choice in high-level Threat Zones.

Picture them as power-ups for your weapons, attaching them to your chosen gun and staying locked and loaded until it’s time to rack up kills.

How to get Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies

To obtain Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies, you must complete missions or loot caches scattered across Urzikstan. Here are the best ways to obtain them and change your weapon’s damage type:

  • Open loot caches: Ammo Mods can randomly drop from opened loot caches.
  • Loot Reward Rifts: When you complete a contract in MW3 Zombies, a Reward Rift will appear before you. These can provide a random Ammo Mod.
  • Mission rewards: Completing the different tiers of Act missions can provide you with Ammo Mods.

MW3 Zombies: Every Ammo Mod & damage type explained

ammo mods in MW3 Zombies
Every Ammo Mod available in MW3 Zombies.

Using different Ammo Mods available in MW3 Zombies will ensure that your team dominates the difficult hordes of Zombies. If you are planning a trip to Threat Zone 3, you will need to scavenge a few of these mods to take advantage of their damage types.

Here’s every Ammo Mod and damage type in MW3 Zombies:

  • Brain Rot: This Ammo Mod will provide your weapon with Toxic Damage. This damage type randomly infects a zombie with Brain Rot when you shoot it, making it fight for you.
  • Cryo Freeze: When consumed, this Ammo Mod will provide the Freeze Damage type to your weapon. Frozen enemies are slower and take more damage.
  • Dead Wire: This Ammo Mod provides your weapon with Electric Damage. This damage type will randomly apply the shock state on enemies, temporarily stunning them.
  • Napalm Burst: This Ammo Mod provides your weapon with Fire Damage. This damage type will burn enemies and apply damage over time.
  • Shatter Blast: When consumed, this Ammo Mod will provide Explosive Damage to your weapon. This turns your bullets into mini-grenades that explode upon impact, making it the perfect mod for crowd control.

Whether it’s to complete an Act mission or to dominate the hordes of monsters in Urzikstan, Ammo Mods are a must in MW3 Zombies.

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