Warzone 2 pro IceManIsaac explains why players should switch back to Caldera

Nathan Warby
IceManIsaac in front of Al Mazrah

Despite the many changes coming in Warzone 2, many players are still growing frustrated with the state of the game. Now, CoD expert IceManIsaac has urged fans to switch back to Warzone Caldera.

After a mixed reception to Warzone 2 so far, the Season 2 update is set to address many of the issues that the community had with the sequel. The major patch is bringing back 1v1 Gulags, doing away with backpack looting, and even adding Resurgence back into the mix.

But despite these improvements, a number of gameplay problems outlined by players remain untouched, particularly the lack of movement during gunfights.

With this in mind, CoD guru and YouTuber IceManIsaac has gone back to Warzone Caldera and is urging players to do the same.

In his February 14 video, Isaac returned to the original Warzone for the first time since the sequel launched and claimed that it was: “The most fun I’ve had playing Warzone in months.”

He explained that his growing frustration with the Warzone 2 meta and lack of meaningful updates lead him to reinstall the first game.

“The player counts are through the floor and I can’t blame you,” said the streamer. “It’s the same RPK and Fennec meta, we don’t have any new content, no new weapon balancing, cheaters are starting to come back, [the] TTK is instant, no skill gap – it’s bad, man.”

However, by switching back to Warzone Caldera, he was able to enjoy his time in the CoD BR for the first time in a while.

“The passion is there. The skill gap, the movement, you’re going to love this. You guys have got to give this game a try,” he continued.

Isaac did concede that he thinks Warzone 2 is a better game overall and could become something special with the right updates, but felt that there is a fun factor in Warzone Caldera that the sequel can’t rival:

“I think Warzone 2 as a baseline is better, at least the potential is there. I think the game is more beautiful and more refined. But man, the gameplay is unmatched on Warzone 1.”

Only time will tell if the Season 2 update wins the community back over to Warzone 2, but it seems that some high-profile players believe that returning to the original game is the best option while devs work on new gameplay changes.

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Image credit: IceManIsaac / Activision

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