Warzone’s unclimbable rocks are still costing players wins in Caldera

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone pacific caldera rock formation

Warzone players continue to be frustrated by the new map Caldera as its unclimbable rocks cost players wins.

Improvements for Warzone Pacific couldn’t come sooner, with player complaints regarding the battle royale at an all-time high. Despite delaying Season 2 to work on fixes, players are still getting frustrated with new issues.

The latest has players in the community expressing their frustrations with Caldera‘s unclimbable rocks, claiming they are negatively impacting gameplay and costing players wins.

Warzone Caldera rocks

Reddit user Nascar28 highlighted a spot on Caldera which they were unable to traverse, despite looking like a clear path for the player to use.

As well as issues with rocks not protecting players from bullets, there has also been a lot of complaints regarding the inability to climb Caldera’s terrain.

As you can see in the post, the path looks clear enough for them to just walk straight up it, but unfortunately this isn’t the case.

Others in the comments share even worse experiences with the same issue, with loads of people claiming that the “untraversable” map has caused them to die: “I’ve died in the gas to this path. Made me rage so hard.”

Another user also stated that “there are 3-4 of these” around the map. This is obviously a massive issue that needs to be addressed, especially as it is causing players to die.

We’ll have to wait and see what changes are coming in the Season 2 patch of Warzone Pacific. Hopefully, Caldera receives a nice update that helps a lot of the issues players have been experiencing with the map.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision

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