Warzone’s latest exploit allows players underneath Arsenal POI for free kills

Liam Mackay
Arsenal in call of duty warzone

It looks like Warzone players should avoid the Arsenal POI for the time being, as cheaters are finding their way underneath the map to shoot helpless players above the ground.

Warzone’s devs have been working hard to stamp out cheating and hacking in Warzone, with the RICOCHET anti-cheat nerfing players live in-game. But not every cheater buys wallhacks and aimbot online, some just take advantage of game-breaking exploits.

The Mines POI used to be a risky area thanks to players hiding inside walls, but now its Arsenal that players should avoid as players are exploiting their way inside the walls underneath the map.

Arsenal POI in Call of Duty Warzone

The large building at the south side of Arsenal is a powerful spot to hold, allowing players to watch over anyone trying to rotate into the center of the map. However, it’s only got more powerful thanks to players being able to glitch inside of its walls underneath the ground.

The Warzone subreddit has been flooded with players complaining about this glitched spot in Arsenal, with ‘ClubSodaKiller’ finding out exactly why someone had driven a car inside the building.

After spotting the car inside the building, the OP got shot a few times and no matter where they ran, the player kept shooting them from seemingly nowhere. But the killcam revealed that the player had got underneath the building, being able to see and shoot everyone above.

ClubSodaKiller wasn’t the only player to have met one of these cheaters, with ’87mave’ getting killed by a player in the exact same spot.

There’s no confirmation on when Raven Software will fix this specific spot. They used to have a Trello card stating that they’re investigating that “Players are finding various spots across the map that they’re able to exploit/peek/shoot through,” but this card is now marked as ‘Fix Released.’

Since more and more players are being killed by people exploiting this spot, if it’s not on their radar already, it should be soon.

The devs also confirmed they’re working on fixing an issue where some Operators can parachute further than others, as well as broken, pay-to-lose skins.

Image Credit: Activision

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