Warzone players call for “trash” Battle Rifle to be removed

Max Candelarezi
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Warzone has an extensive array of weapons that cater to various ranges. However, a particular Battle Rifle has garnered huge criticism since its release, and players are calling for its removal.

Following the Season 1 launch, Warzone players are still enjoying all the content this massive update has brought into the game, including new free events, weapons, multiple movement changes, and much more.

When it comes to dominating the game, having the best weapons is something that all players agree on. However, many tend to want to try different not-so-powerful options to level up and refresh their weapon selection.

Since its integration from MW3 into Warzone, the Sidewinder Battle Rifle has been entirely excluded as a viable option, largely due to its “trash” statistics. Despite its forced presence in the Gulag, there’s a general sentiment among players that this Battle Rifle should be removed from the game altogether.

In a Reddit post, user ‘Bondspadawan’ ironically asked “Why does the Sidewinder exist?” and followed, “Can someone please tell me a legit build they use for this gun to make it even remotely usable? I feel it is just such a piece of s**t.”

A user added, “You really have to wonder what the devs were thinking when they put this gun into the game. Maybe just an awful gun that would slow down people’s camo grind a bit.” However, another player chimed in stating, “To piss me off in the gulag.”

Regarding the camo grind, a user expressed, “I’m currently trying to get it gold. Its been a miserable experience lol.” Despite noting the Sidewinder being bad in Warzone, some players pointed out MW3’s Hardcore is the only place where this Battle Rifle is “actually pretty good.”

Although it remains unknown what will happen to the infamous Battle Rifle Sidewinder in the future, players believe that it should only be used as a weapon for camo grind and doesn’t even deserve to have a place within the game.

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