Warzone’s $20 Operator skin can only be unlocked in Verdansk

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone caldera ronin operator

Warzone players who have paid for the Ronin Operator skin are left baffled as the bundle requires the Verdansk map.

With Warzone Pacific Season 2 on the horizon, players are still not content with the way Warzone is performing, especially on consoles. Players are even frustrated with content that isn’t out yet, as they expressed their thoughts concerning Armored Tanks arriving in Season 2.

With players calling for ways to make Caldera a better map, one Operator skin is clearly also missing Verdansk, as it requires the map for one of its challenges.

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Reddit user segaboy16 expressed their frustrations with an impossible challenge that comes with the Ronin Operator skin bundle, which they had to pay for.

The skin is from Modern Warfare but can still be purchased by players in Warzone Pacific Season 1. In order to unlock the Samurai skin for Ronin, the challenge states that the player must use a Spray on a building in Downtown while playing Warzone on Verdansk.

Clearly, this challenge is currently impossible to complete, as the only maps currently available to players are Caldera and Rebirth Island.

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Others in the comments are also baffled, with some suggesting that the player should try “Ground War” on Modern Warfare as it features Downtown in the map rotation.

This was quickly dismissed though, as the challenge clearly states that the player must complete the challenges in “Warzone.”

As another user in the comments put it, players looking to complete this challenge with the Ronin Operator are “out of luck until someone at Raven notices.”

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