Warzone players jealous of snowy Verdansk in Mobile update

Liam Mackay
Warzone players fighting in Verdansk

Warzone Mobile won’t get its worldwide release in 2024, but the devs have still been providing updates to the game. Urzikstan is here, but players are jealous of Verdansk’s snowy update in Warzone Mobile.

After the roaring success of both Call of Duty: Mobile and Warzone, it was only natural that Activision would bring the two games together to create Warzone Mobile. Although tied to Modern Warfare 3, Warzone Mobile takes place on Verdansk, the original map that console and PC players have been desperate to see return.

Warzone Mobile is currently available in Australia, Chile, Norway, and Sweden, with the worldwide launch set for 2024. Despite only being available in a few countries, the developers have given Verdansk a winter-themed overhaul, covering the map in snow to celebrate the festive season.

Urzikstan has only just arrived in the main Warzone, but players are still jealous of this new look for Verdansk. Although there have been festive events over the years, the maps have never got a full snowy overhaul.

“Why can’t we get snow-themed maps during Christmas for the main Warzone?” asked X user ‘stonesandsnakes,’ with another user asking, “Why is it always CoD Mobile that gets the cool things? WZ would look sick with a winter theme.”

Others said they were “jealous,” with ‘Teak’ saying, “When mobile is better [than] the real version.”

But will Urzikstan get the same treatment? The promotional images for Warzone’s CODMAS event don’t make things clear one way or the other. Snow is falling and covering some surfaces, but there still is some green grass on the ground, so it might be more of a light dusting than the whole map being snowy like Warzone Mobile’s Verdansk.

Whether Urzikstan gets covered in snow or not, there be plenty of festive treats in store such as new challenges and rewards, Slay Ride Resurgence, snowballs to throw, and Zombie Santa to fight.

You can also check out all of the maps and modes coming to Warzone Mobile.

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