Warzone players outraged as free PlayStation skin costs $20 on Xbox & PC

Joseph Pascoulis
oni operator in warzone

Warzone players on PC & Xbox are furious as they discovered a $20 price tag for a skin that was previously free for PlayStation Plus members.

Call of Duty has had many PlayStation-exclusive cosmetics over the years, however, that is bound to change now that Microsoft have completed their acquisition of Activision.

Warzone features Oni, a PlayStation-exclusive Operator for those with an active PS+ membership. This Operator and other Combat Packs were a timed exclusive, but they are now available for PC and Xbox players just in time for MW3.

While this may seem like a win for PC and Xbox players, the community are shocked and outraged, as they were met with a steep price for the Combat Packs in the Warzone store, despite being free for those on PlayStation.

Warzone players react to steep Combat Pack price

On Reddit, players have been reacting to the price of the Warzone Combat Packs, which have shown up on the Xbox and PC Warzone stores for 2,400 COD Points, which is $20/£16.79.

One user highlighted the price and said “mind blowing. (disrespectfully),” clearly outraged that Xbox and PC players have to pay such a high price for a bundle that’s free on PlayStation.

In the comments, one user said, “Stop buying this dumb s**t,” while another agreed, “they wouldn’t put a price on it if idiots didn’t gobble up everything in the store.”

Others note the reason why Xbox and PC players will need to pay this price for the skins, as one comment read, “Sony paid for those as part of the PS|CoD promotional agreement. Same reason they got an exclusive operator and content with the only stipulation being that it would be available on other platforms a year later.”

Another user felt it is the fault of those who wanted Call of Duty to become a “live service model,” as they said: “It should not surprise you that they’re rinsing you for cash over something like this.”

While it’s a shame, the Microsoft acquisition of Activision may prevent something like this from happening again, or the tables will turn and it will be Xbox Live members getting content for free.

If you’re interested in more on Call of Duty, be sure to check out our guide on the MW3 Warzone integration.

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