Warzone vehicles can now drive through solid rock to kill players

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operators in vehicles

The Warzone Pacific community was left bewildered after a clip showcased an in-game vehicle driving through solid rock cover in order to eliminate one player.

Hopping into a game of Warzone Pacific can be extremely fun, but it’s possible for players to occasionally encounter glitches or strange in-game physics that can make the gameplay feel chaotic.

Maps like Caldera feature large rocks and boulders that you can take cover behind during intense gunfights. However, a clip shared by one player shows that these aren’t particularly effective against vehicles.

While battling an enemy that was driving a jeep, Reddit user ‘schroepnuts’ stood behind a rock for safety. The vehicle and Redditor both circled around it as the latter opened fire on their opponent.

However, the enemy then drove straight into the rock and eliminated the Redditor even when they were directly behind the solid object. The Killcam showed the player being launched through the air as soon as the Jeep hit the rock.

After this happened, schroepnuts posted the clip in the game’s subreddit with the caption: “Gotta love the physics in Warzone.” This led to a variety of responses from other players in the thread.

A few of the commenters were amused by what happened, as one described what happened as “hilarious.” Another player responded to the clip by jokingly advising the Redditor to still use their thermite.

One player had seen this happen in the game before, as they explained: “This used to be every vehicle interaction in the early seasons. They made it loads better, but you never know 100% if you’re actually protected by the cover.”

As a result of this strange occurrence, it’s impossible to know if you’re truly safe behind a rock. Hopefully, the Warzone 2 developers will ensure that this issue isn’t prevalent in the sequel when it arrives.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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