Warzone Rebirth Island Reinforced Weapon Trade Stations explained

Weapon Trade Station in Warzone's Rebirth Island

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded brings brand new Weapon Trade Stations to Rebirth Island Reinforced, so here’s how these trade stations work, and how to unlock them.

Warzone Pacific’s Season 2 Reloaded update brings a ton of new content to the game, specifically with the Rebirth Island overhaul. The Resurgence map will receive brand-new POIs and see some of its original ones updated.

To mark the occasion, the devs are introducing the Rebirth Reinforced Event, where players can unlock cosmetics, as well as change Rebirth Island even more through “Community Challenges.”

One of the new features brought in the Rebirth Reinforced Event is the Weapon Trade Stations, so here’s how they work, what they offer, and how to unlock them.

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Rebirth Island Reinforced map

What are Weapon Trade Stations in Warzone?

Weapon Trade Stations are a new feature in Warzone Pacific Season 2, arriving as part of the new Rebirth Island Reinforced map.

These new Weapon Trade Stations allow players to “give up their weapon in exchange for one of lesser quality plus additional items, depending on the original weapon’s rarity.”

The devs explained that players can get “Cash, equipment, Armor Satchels, Self-Revive Kits, Killstreaks… or even a Specialist Token,” so it’s well worth trading in any Epic or Legendary weapons you’re not interested in using.

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Water tower in Warzone's Rebirth Island Reinforced map

What do Warzone Weapon Trade Stations offer?

In a blog post highlighting all of the changes the devs are making in Warzone’s Rebirth Island Reinforced, they outlined what these Weapon Trade Stations can offer, depending on what you trade-in.

Here’s everything the Weapon Trade Stations will offer when they arrive:

  • Common Rarity Gun
    • Another randomized Common Rarity Gun with a full clip (one magazine or clip, with no additional ammo)
  • Uncommon Rarity Gun
    • Common Rarity Gun with a full clip
    • 1 randomized Lethal Equipment
    • 1 randomized Tactical Equipment
  • Rare Gun OR Melee Weapon (of ANY Rarity)
    • Common Rarity Gun with a full clip (no extra clip)  
    • Armor Satchel  Rare Field Upgrade
    • Gas Mask
  • Epic Rarity Gun
    • Uncommon Rarity Gun  with a full clip (+2 extra clips)
    • Self Revive Kit
    • $500 or $800
    • Armor Satchel or Epic Kill Streak or Epic Field Upgrade
  • Legendary/Ultra/Heroic Gun
  • Rare Rarity Gun  with a full clip + 2 extra clips
    • $800 or $1200
    • A Legendary Killstreak (e.g., Precision Airstrike)
    • A Legendary Field Upgrade (e.g., Nebula V Rounds) OR, in extremely rare cases, a Specialist Token
    • 1 Random Lethal or Tactical equipment (Ex: Grenade or Flash Grenade)
  • **Custom Gun**
    • Depending on the number of attachments you will receive a different trade from the Weapon Trade Station. The higher number, the higher the trade.

Also, the devs revealed that “There is even a special deal at all Weapon Lockers during Fire Sales where any weapon can be traded in for an incredible offer,” but you’ll need to wait until they’re in-game to find out what.

Rebirth Island boat location

How to unlock Weapon Trade Stations in Warzone

Warzone’s Weapon Trade Stations won’t be available in Rebirth Island immediately after the update. Instead, players need to unlock them through the Rebirth Reinforced Event’s Community Challenges.

The first of these Community Challenges will unlock the Weapon Trade Stations, where players need to achieve a certain amount of kills in Rebirth Island Reinforced. The amount hasn’t been specified yet, but if the kills are achieved, “those who participated will automatically receive 25,000 XP and unlock the use of Weapon Trade Stations on the island.”

You can also check out the Vanguard side of the Reloaded update, as well as how to unlock the new Armaguerra 43 SMG.

Image Credit: Activision

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