Warzone players want one simple but major change to make Fortune’s Keep perfect

Liam Mackay
Camp POI in Warzone Fortune's Keep map

Warzone players absolutely love Season 4’s Fortune’s Keep map but feel like there’s something missing, and adding it could make the map perfect.

Fortune’s Keep arrived with Season 4’s launch, bringing three maps to Warzone’s rotation. Players have praised the smaller map’s bright Mediterranean aesthetic, and some have actually abandoned the fan-favorite Rebirth Island for it.

However, there’s always room for improvement and now that the spots that allow players to get under the map have been patched, Warzone players feel that Raven Software could make one simple but major change to vastly improve Fortune’s Keep.

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Warzone players feel that there simply aren’t enough Buy Stations on Fortune’s Keep, making the ones that are there far riskier. With how few Buy Stations there are, enemies tend to hover around them, making rotating towards one a dangerous endeavor.

Reddit user DidntMeanToLoadThat kicked off the discussion by asking Raven to add more Buy Stations, claiming that “half the map has nothing.” To prove their point, they shared a screenshot that showed the west side of Fortune’s Keep didn’t have a single Buy Station.

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“Some games it’s horrendous trying to find a portable buy or get to a usual buy that isn’t heavily camped,” explained Douglas1994 in the post’s replies.

“Many times I find me and my team with almost 10k each but the nearest buy is halfway across the map in a hot area full of teams fighting and droppers,” continued another user. Temp_Grits said that the lack of Buy Stations is “really my only complaint about the map,” and hopes they tweak it to match Rebirth.

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Douglas suggested that Raven add ‘early buys,’ Buy Stations that only exist in the early game. This would allow players to spend their cash as early as possible, but “would stop excessive buy-backs at the end of the game from becoming a problem.”

Other players just want more Buy Stations across Fortune’s Keep and some suggested the devs increase the Portable Buy Station‘s spawn rate. It’s likely that Raven will add more if there’s enough demand, as they added Lootable Perks post-launch.

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Image Credit: Activision

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