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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 leak claims Ranked Play arrives “shortly after” launch

According to a known Call of Duty insider, Modern Warfare 2 will bring Ranked Play “shortly after” its October 28 launch.



Modern Warfare players fighting over objective

Competitive Call of Duty fans have been worried that Infinity Ward won’t add a ranked mode to Modern Warfare 2, but a known leaker has claimed that Ranked Play will arrive “shortly after” launch.

2022’s Call of Duty League wraps up with the Championship Weekend on August 4-7, and then a brand-new season kicks off with Modern Warfare 2. Both CDL fans and competitive players love to play like the pros with a smaller map pool and weapon restrictions taken into account, and Ranked Play allows them to do just that.

With Infinity Ward having a track record of not putting ranked modes into their games, players have been worried that there will be another year without Ranked Play. However, a known leaker claims that Modern Warfare 2 will receive a Treyarch-developed ranked mode after all.

Ghost in CoD Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward have never included Ranked Play in their games, with Modern Warfare 2019 instead adding the CDL playlists where players “fight like the pros.” While it included the same map pool and weapon restrictions, without Skill Divisions or an ELO system, it was far from a true ranked mode.

However, according to leaker TheGhostOfHope, “Ranked Play will be coming to Modern Warfare II shortly after launch with Treyarch leading development on the mode.”

Ranked Play has become a Treyarch staple since Black Ops 2’s League Play, and the developers returned to develop Vanguard’s Ranked Play which includes Skill Divisions and rewards to grind for. Hope claims they’ll return once again for Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play.

Since Treyarch is supposedly returning, we would expect Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play to be extremely similar to Vanguard’s, including both Skill Divisions and a Ladder system.

Plus, Call of Duty dataminer Reality, who discovered Modern Warfare 2’s maps and CoD 2024’s artwork in Warzone Mobile‘s files, said that Hope’s leak “lines up with the WZM files,” and “it looks like MWII’s Ranked Play will work similar, or completely identical to how Vanguard’s worked.”

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing what “shortly” means at this stage. It could arrive during Season 1 which we expect would go live in November or December, or it could be similar to Vanguard’s Ranked Play release during February’s Season 2.

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Image Credit: Activision