Warzone players glitching inside walls makes Mines POI a deathtrap

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Caldera Mines POI

A glitch that allows players to enter the furnace located at the Mines POI in Caldera is resulting in the death of many unsuspecting Warzone players. With no way to counter the glitch, players are avoiding the area altogether.

Although Warzone players are excited to see what Season 2 holds, their frustrations are reaching new heights due to the number of bugs and glitches impacting gameplay.

It looks like the Warzone devs will have another glitch to fix with the Season 2 update as players are dying to enemies that have entered the furnace at the Mines POI. The glitch acts as a one-way window that hides them from sight but allows them to see and kill players in the surrounding area.

Mines Warzone Pacific Caldera

Players have been furious with the state of the game in recent weeks and complaints of an increase in cheaters have also grown despite the presence of RICOCHET.

This particular glitch located at Mines doesn’t require cheating software but one comment under this post in the Warzone Subreddit seems to think that players who exploit the game in such a way are just as culpable as cheaters: “Cheat, glitch. Tomato, tomato”.

In the clip, the player takes fire before entering this small two-story building which alerts them that enemy players are near but a second look around produces unfortunate results.

You can see the player clearly check to see if enemies are below once the top floor is cleared. The player drops down thinking that the floor is clear but little do they know the enemy is hiding inside of the furnace.

In the killcam, we see the enemy exploiting the glitch spot to get a free kill on an unsuspecting player.

There’s no doubt that this is a supremely frustrating way to die in Warzone Pacific. Luckily the clip is gaining a lot of traction over on Reddit which should result in players avoiding Mines completely.

With Warzone Pacific Season 2 arriving on February 14, there’s no doubt that the devs will look into fixing this through the map glitch as soon as possible.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software