Warzone players feel Fortune’s Keep plays more like Caldera than Rebirth Island

Joseph Pascoulis
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Warzone Pacific Season 4 has brought a brand-new map to the battle royale known as Fortune’s Keep. Despite the excitement over the new content, players aren’t happy with Warzone’s new map.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 is finally here, bringing loads of new content for players like the UGM-8 LMG and Marco SMG.

As well as this, the devs have dropped a new Rebirth Island-sized map called Fortune’s Keep, along with the Mercenaries of Fortune Event to celebrate. With that being said, players don’t seem too happy with the map, with many complaints about the design favoring campers.

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Fortune’s Keep is a brand new map for players to explore, and although it will take some time for players to fully understand the map, the initial thoughts from players are in.

While Raven Software advertised that Fortune’s Keep would encourage intense and fast gameplay similar to that of Rebirth Island, it seems players have been experiencing the opposite, causing frustration.

In the comments of our Twitter post asking players their thoughts on Fortune’s Keep, the main complaint is that it promotes camping and feels more like Caldera than Rebirth Island.

One comment says that Fortune’s Keep “doesn’t seem to reward moving or exploring, at all. SO MANY CAMPERS – it’s not fun.” Other players agree with this opinion too, with another comment stating that the map is “ratty” and “slow paced just like Caldera.”

Another player states that there are “people camping every roof, every tower, every corner, in the basements, behind the rocks…. They made this map TOO complex, giving people a million different camping spots and vantage points.”

It seems the current opinion of many is that Fortune’s Keep “does not compete with Rebirth Island in any way, shape or form.” Luckily, Fortune’s Keep isn’t replacing Rebirth Island and the Alcatraz-inspired map will be back soon.

To find out when Rebirth Island will be back in Warzone Season 4, check out our guide on when Rebirth Island will be returning.

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