Warzone players desperate for “chaotic” Caldera Clash to become a permanent mode

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Season 2 art

Warzone Season 2’s Caldera Clash has been a huge hit and players are calling for the chaotic LTM to become a permanent mode moving forward.

From new modes to new weapons, to new mechanics, Warzone Season 2 certainly delivered on content. Of course, Warzone still has some gameplay issues that have been ruining the experience for some but one thing that players aren’t taking for granted is Caldera Clash.

Players seem to be enjoying the Ground War-like experience that Caldera Clash offers and they’re not ready for the fun to end just yet.

Warzone Operator gunfights

Caldera Clash brings elements of CoD multiplayer gameplay to the big battle royale map which has led players to compare the LTM to Ground War. The mode is a chaotic battleground that is also extremely useful for ranking up weapons quickly.

Seeing as Vanguard currently does not have a similar large-scale game mode experience, Caldera Clash has managed to attract the attention of Vanguard players. A recent post on the Warzone subreddit sheds light on the mode’s appeal that is making Vanguard players turn to Warzone.

Reddit user astrala explains how they went from playing Vanguard multiplayer exclusively to truly enjoying what Caldera Clash has to offer.

The post praises the game mode for its non-stop action and questions why it has arrived as an LTM, “So then why oh why does it have to be a “limited-time” mode? Maybe they don’t want to split the player base up, or they’re just testing the waters to see if people will like it.”

Warzone Season 2 Operator near factory

Many players in the comments seemed to desperately agree that they’d love to see Caldera Clash stay on as a permanent mode, “Honestly such a fun game mode, also vote for keeping it, I used to play ground war most of the time in MW and was sad that it didn’t get put through to CW/V.”

It seems the mode is allowing players to rediscover their love for Warzone, “Clash is the most fun I have had in warzone recently and probably the only way I’m going to be able to level up Mw and Vanguard guns without the games”.

Some even expressed their desire to see the Clash mode make its way to Rebirth Island and there’s no denying that the fast-paced TDM style combat would suit Rebirth Island‘s tight spaces.

Despite these wishes, there are currently no plans to make Caldera Clash a permanent mode but we’ll share any updates surrounding the mode if announcements are made.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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