MW3 players beg for “permanent” access to MW2 Mosh Pit maps

Max Candelarezi
MW2 Breenbergh Hotel, Shoot House and Crown Raceway maps

MW3 multiplayer launched with improved versions of 2009’s MW2 maps that players were quick to praise, however, following the introduction of the Carry Forward that brought the MW2 maps Mosh Pit, players are calling for it to be “permanent.”

MW3 Season 1 Reloaded is underway and brings two new weapons, the HRM-9 SMG and TAQ Evolvere LMG, some long-awaited audio improvements, several gun buffs and nerfs, and a brand-new multiplayer 6v6 map.

However, despite the new maps that launched during Season 1 and its mid-season update, players’ attention was set on the return of MW2 maps, which, due to the significant movement changes SHG introduced, feel completely different from their original 2009 version.

In two different Reddit posts, users ‘2006gto1234’ and ‘Connnooorrr’ shared their desire to have the MW2 Moshpit maps into the “normal quick play rotation.” Although both users share the same objective, they have different reasons as to why they would like to see the MW2 maps permanently in the game.

User ‘Connnooorrr’ expressed they “didn’t play last year’s MWII,” which makes the MW2 2022 maps “feel like a new map pack.” However, user ‘2006gto1234’ started his post stating that the “maps play great with the movement and mechanics of this game [MW3 2023].”

Likewise, most players in the comments agreed to this, as they think adding them to the roster is a “no brainer” and could “boost” the map pool. “All MWII maps should have been in permanently from the beginning, there’s zero reason not to,” another user added.

Although many want the MW2 Mosh Pit maps to be added to the full roster, others believe that having the playlist permanently could be a good idea. However, it remains uncertain whether SHG will alter the availability of MW2 Mosh Pit maps within MW3’s multiplayer in the future.

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