Warzone players call out “OP” Combat Scout Perk giving temporary wallhacks

Liam Mackay
Warzone Combat Scout Perk gives wallhacks

Warzone Season 5 has added the Combat Scout Perk, but players have been quick to brand it “overpowered” as it temporarily allows players to see others through walls.

Although the Warzone community has been crying out for new Perks, Season 5’s Combat Scout has players concerned. Per the official description, “Damaging an enemy briefly highlights them for you and marks them for the entire squad.”

Warzone’s cheating situation came to a head in Warzone Season 4, with many of the game’s biggest creators, such as NICKMERCS leaving. But now, the new Combat Scout Perk can give any player wallhacks for a short duration.

Not only does it highlight the enemy, but they actually appear through walls. And it takes up Slot 3, so players can still use Ghost, which many still regard as the best Perk in the game. Top players and casual fans are worried about how this will affect the game, with many quick to call it “OP.”

Warzone YouTuber JGOD weighed in on the new season, saying that “the new Perks are interesting,” but “the pinging one [Combat Scout] is OP.”

A Warzone player for Minnesota RØKKR, Smixie, was also quick to call it “OP,” saying that you need to run Cold Blooded in Season 5. Streamer DrakotaTV was harsher, saying that “The Combat Scout perk is the most idiotic thing they could have done.”

But some players aren’t so concerned by Combat Scout, as they feel the Amped Perk is even more useful. Swapping weapons without Amped feels slow and sluggish, and it’s one of the main advantages of grabbing loadout Perks.

Another Warzone YouTuber, BennyCentral, said, “Everyone freaking out about Combat Scout – it’s not actually that great, outline doesn’t last super long, and a regular live ping lasts longer.”

How to counter Combat Scout in Warzone

Warzone Cold Blooded Perk

Luckily, the Combat Scout Perk has a direct counter. Not only did the new Perks arrive, but Cold Blooded received an update too. Cold Blooded completely blocks High Alert and Sentry Guns, and more importantly, “negates Combat Scout.”

So while you’re running Cold Blooded, you cannot be highlighted or pinged by Combat Scout. As Smixie pointed out, this likely makes Cold Blooded a meta Perk for Season 5, as you want to avoid getting spotted or beamed by a Sentry Gun at all costs.

While Verdansk and Rebirth Island are sure to be filled with players using Combat Scout, for now, we’ll need to wait and see how it affects the meta down the line.

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Image Credit: Activision

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