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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone Season 5 makes major change to ziplines

A major Warzone Season 5 zipline update changes the way ascenders function making them more user friendly and less of a death trap.



Players are no longer stuck to ascenders for the full ride thanks to a major Warzone Season 5 zipline update.

Revealed through the Warzone Season 5 patch notes, a major change has been made to how zip lines work. Using Exterior Ascenders or Elevator Cables is one of the quickest ways to scale large structures.

However, players would have to commit to the full ride up or down once attached. Riding a zip line could be detrimental to a player’s chances of survival.

When a player rides a zipline, the path their character travels becomes 100% predictable. Before the Warzone Season 5 zipline update, players could only hope that no one was nearby to take them down on their way up.

Warzone Season 5 Zipline Update

Now, players don’t have to fear commitment when they are approaching an ascender. Thanks to the zipline update, you can now detach from an ascender or elevator cable at any point in time before reaching the destination.

This means that if players start to get shot at while scaling buildings in Verdansk or Rebirth Island, they can cancel their zipline. Players can also deploy their parachutes to negate fall damage and, hopefully, make it somewhere a bit safer.

Despite these changes, players are still defenseless when it comes to riding ziplines. While the ascender is much faster than running upstairs or climbing ladders, it makes a very loud noise that gives away the player’s location.

As well, Exterior Ascenders are placed deliberately in spots that can be watched or easily trapped. Yet, the newfound ability to opt-out of a zipline trip does make ascenders a bit more user-friendly.

Of course, the ability to cancel a zipline is one of the many updates that come with Warzone Season 5.

There are various new weapons that players can unlock, including the Cane melee weapon, EM2 Assault Rifle, Tec-9 SMG, and Marshal secondary.

There is no doubt that players will have plenty of excitement as they try out all of the new content and changes that Season 5 has brought to the Call of Duty battle royale.

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Image Credits: Activision