Warzone players call for changes to Gas Mask animation

Andrew Highton
cod warzone gas mask

The automatic animation of Gas Masks has frustrated Warzone players for some time, and a recent example of someone being unable to deploy their parachute and die as a result has highlighted its faults.

There’s always a huge sigh of relief when a Gas Mask emerges from a Supply Chest as you know that you have a few seconds of immunity if you get caught lagging behind in the toxic fumes. It also means you can usually edge someone out in a 1v1 gas battle too.

However, Gas Masks come at the expense of an uncontrollable mechanic that can pretty much interrupt any action you are performing if you’re on the edge of the gas. This can then crucially give your opponent the upper-hand in a 1v1, and will also kill you if you need to jump and use your parachute.

cod warzone season 3 gas masks

The thought of being in Warzone’s endgame with multiple kills chalked up, and dying to a Gas Mask error would be a sickening feeling – and this is exactly what happened to Reddit user idyllicwolfe.

Deep into a game of Solos, the player was in the final nine players with seven kills to their name. Clinging onto the edge of Verdansk ’84’s storm, they were relatively in control of the situation and showed this by adding another kill to their tally.

Knowing they had the security of a Gas Mask to fall back on, the player stocked up on supplies from the fallen enemy and replenished their armor. To dive back into the battle to try and win, they jumped off the edge of the building they were on to get out of the gas.

At the precise moment they leaped, the Gas Mask’s tolerance depleted, and the auto-animation forcefully removed the mask from the player’s face. This consequently caused the player to just plop to the ground below, killing them instantly.

One comment on the video said, “Gas masks have cost me more than one win, no kidding that.” Whereas another highly-upvoted comment said, “They just make it pop on and off regardless of what you’re doing. We don’t need an uncontrollable animation.”

To go through 20 minutes of gameplay for this to be your undoing would undoubtedly be frustrating. Given that it’s happened to so many players, maybe Raven will re-evaluate its automatic nature and incorporate a manual button for Gas Mask use.

Though they’ve got enough to be dealing with at the minute with Hunt for Adler not working and players being killed in mid-air by invisible walls.

Image credits: Activision