Warzone players abandon “dull” Rebirth Island in favor of Fortune’s Keep

Liam Mackay
Warzone player in Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island has returned to Warzone after disappearing to make way for Fortune’s Keep but after playing both maps, players don’t want to go back to Rebirth.

Many Warzone players prefer the fast-paced action of Rebirth Island over Caldera’s sprawling jungles, and there was an uproar when Fortune’s Keep was announced. Players were afraid that Rebirth Island would be removed forever but luckily, Raven confirmed it’d stick around.

Just over one week since its removal, Rebirth Island returned alongside the June 30 update. However, many players actually much prefer Fortune’s Keep and won’t be going back to the “dull” Rebirth Island.

Fortune's Keep map in Warzone Pacific Season 4

Rebirth Island returned with its Resurgence Quads mode on June 30 but while Warzone players celebrated its return, many felt that Fortune’s Keep has actually ruined Rebirth.

“Call me crazy, but I probably won’t even play [Rebirth Island] this week,” said Reddit user xKiLLaCaM. “As a Rebirth main, I much prefer the new map …  There isn’t anything about it yet that I truly dislike. Been having a blast since the update.”

“Rebirth looks so dull now,” said GovernmentOk2323, with mcchicken explaining that Fortune’s Keep is such a win that they can’t go back to Rebirth: “The variety alone is so dope.”

mikerichh also said that Fortune’s Keep is better than Rebirth Island because it has a “better variety of locations that are more spread out so you can actually recover from a fight and plan rotations rather than having constant action.”

“Honestly, stopped missing Rebirth two days ago. Fortune’s Keep is fire!” chimed in papaginoo0017, but they admitted they’re looking forward to playing Rebirth again.

With Lootable Perks arriving in Fortune’s Keep with the June 30 update, it’s likely that the map will only keep getting better. But, there will be more reason to jump back into Rebirth with the ‘Rebirth of the Dead’ playlist coming later in Season 4.

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Image Credit: Activision