Warzone Gulag winners are spawning outside of the map, dying instantly

Liam Mackay
warzone player spawning outside caldera

Winning Warzone’s Gulag usually means you’re given one more chance to win the game, but a frustrating glitch is causing the winners to redeploy outside of the playable area, killing them in seconds.

Warzone is unlike all other battle royale games thanks to its Gulag, a 1v1 match against another eliminated opponent, and the winner gets to dive straight back into the fight. Raven Software are introducing High Value Loot Zones with Operation Monarch to make this easier, but a frustrating issue is stopping players from reaching the map at all.

Warzone players are actually spawning over the ocean after winning their Gulag, making it impossible for them to parachute back into the map before being eliminated for leaving the combat area.

Warzone has had a few issues with players redeploying inside the gas before, but spawning outside the map gives them no chance of survival. Going outside of the playable area begins a timer, and when that timer runs out, you’ll be killed immediately.

Players haven’t been too impressed with the new Gulag anyway, but since the Season 3 update, Gulag winners have been spawning outside of the playable area, and they don’t have enough time to make it back in before the timer runs out.

Several Warzone players have taken to social media to show off the frustrating glitch. Reddit users ‘finnny04’ and ‘DumbApe026’ both won their Gulags and spawned right over the ocean, on the wrong side of the map boundary. It appears the timer starts counting down while Caldera loaded as well, giving them even less time to float to safety.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any workaround or way to avoid spawning outside of the map, you just have to hope for the best. Raven Software haven’t responded to this glitch yet, but as more and more players report the issue, it should be on their radar.

Raven Software made a ton more changes in the May 4 patch notes, so you can check out all the major changes made to weapon balance.

Image Credit: Activision

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