DMZ update patch notes in Warzone 2 Season 3: Barter System, Workbench, more

Hamza Khalid
DMZ operator in Warzone 2 Season 3

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode received major changes in Season 3, including a Barter System, Workbench, a new faction, and more. Here’s every DMZ change in Warzone 2 Season 3 along with the full patch notes.

When Warzone 2 first arrived, the Call of Duty title set itself apart from other entries in the popular franchise with the inclusion of the Escape from Tarkov-inspired DMZ game mode that focuses on extraction.

The developers updated DMZ by implementing a few bug fixes and gameplay improvements in Season 2 Reloaded. Now, the game mode has received even more changes in Warzone 2 Season 3.

Warzone 2 Season 3 DMZ Barter System

DMZ players got a new Barter System with the arrival of the seasonal update.

This allows players to swap items that they collect for valuables at Buy Stations. While you can’t do peer-to-peer trading through this system, you are still able to swap items during a match with allies.

“There are dozens of item trade combinations that will launch with Season 03, the Barter System is ready to help Operators stock up on those harder-to-find items and reward them for their scavenging efforts.”

Warzone 2’s DMZ Barter System will let you gain valuables in exchange for collected items.

Warzone 2 Season 3 DMZ Workbenches

In DMZ, Workbenches can also be found near Buy Stations, allowing you to modify Contraband weapons with attachments for a nominal Cash fee. This will come in handy if you’re not satisfied with the current state of your weapon.

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DMZ players will be able to “add attachments they have unlocked for any weapon platform onto a piece of Contraband or Insured Weapon.”

Warzone 2 DMZ’s workbenches will let you modify contraband weapons.

Warzone 2 Season 3 DMZ Active Duty Operator Slots

In Season 3, every DMZ player is given three separate Operators at the start of the match. Each of these Operators have their own on-soldier items, such as a Backpack, Self-Revive, and Gas Mask.

You’ll be able to pick which Active Duty Operator you want to bring in for each DMZ mission. So, you can choose one for major Story Missions while another is tasked with scavenging items.

Active Duty Operator Slots are a new addition to DMZ in Warzone 2 Season 3.

The devs confirmed that: “whatever they bring back that is not part of the global loadout – Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Lethal, Tactical, and Field Upgrade – is only for that specific Active Duty Operator. That means Contraband Weapons are shared between Active Duty Operators, but not Keys.”

Warzone 2 Season 3 DMZ new Equipment

Secure & Scavenger Backpacks

When it comes to DMZ’s new Scavenger Backpacks, Operators can benefit from swapping the third weapon slot traditionally found in larger Backpacks with an added item slot instead. This will come in handy for those looking to use the Barter system to its fullest extent.

Meanwhile, Secure Backpacks results in “non-Contraband, non-on-soldier items to be secured in your inventory and not convert to XP upon extraction.” Most importantly, the devs explained that: “items in a Secure Backpack are kept to that Active Duty Soldier if they are eliminated in an Extraction Zone.”

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Secure and Scavenger Backpacks arrived in DMZ at the start of Season 3.

Plate Carriers

Not only are Plater Carriers coming to Warzone 2’s battle royale, but DMZ got its very own set of exclusive Plater Carrier items.

For starters, the 3 Plate Medic Vest grants Operators faster revives on downed squadmates, in addition to faster self-revives when using a Self-Revive Kit.

Next, we have the 3 Plate Comms Vest, which has several benefits including, the reception of an audio queue when an enemy Operator is close to you, increased duration of UAV technology, and the ability to see all UAVs as Advanced UAVs.

Finally, those who utilize the Stealth Plate Carrier will benefit from the built-in functionality of the Ghost Perk.

Rebreather Field Upgrade

The Rebreather Field Upgrade gives DMZ players more freedom to navigate underwater in Season 3. With the Rebreather active, Operators will be able to breathe underwater for longer periods of time.

Skeleton Key

A Skeleton Key in DMZ acts as the master key that grants players access to nearly all of the locked doors they’ll come across.

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DMZ players in Season 3 can create a Skeleton Key using a “special Bater system recipe.”

Warzone 2 Season 3 DMZ Heavy Chopper exfil

Heavy Chopper DMZ

Warzone 2 DMZ Season 3 marks the return of the Heavy Chopper as a method to privately exfil an Exclusion Zone.

The Heavy Chopper’s addition in Season 3 bolsters the list of aerial vehicle options in DMZ. However, the catch is that it is completely devoid of fuel. Players must first find its “special fuel” to get it up and running.

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“Once topped off with its fuel, the Heavy Chopper can fly around the map and even outside the boundaries, which is how you can exfiltrate at any time for free.”

In addition to the new vehicle, players can purchase an item known as the Private Exfil from Buy Stations. Following the purchase of a Private Exfil, an exfil will be made available on the map.

Warzone 2 Season 3 DMZ new faction, bosses, and Contract

The update also brought a mysterious new faction with three mission tiers at launch, with two more coming with the mid-season update, and bosses for players to fight. There are new faction missions and a new Contract known as the Supply Run Contract.

“A Supply Run is a great contract for gearing up when your Active Duty Operator is brand new. Think of it as a lower-stakes Safecracker: instead of iron safes, all your Operator needs to do is find wooden crates. All items there are free for the taking.”

DMZ patch notes Warzone 2 Season 3 update


  • [ REDACTED ] has arrived with new Faction Missions coming throughout Season 03.

  • We are introducing Barter for Players to have another way to gear-up during deployment. Barter can be found at Buy Stations and offers exchange of certain items for useful equipment. Remembering these “Recipes” will be a useful tool for acquiring specific items. Barter is not Player-to-Player.

  • The Workbench has arrived in DMZ and allows players to customize Contraband Weapons during deployment – this includes any equipped weapon that may be insured or looted. Players will be able to add or remove attachments based on their weapon progression. Craft the perfect build or add the right attachment for an advantage in situational combat. 

  • Individual Operators now go on “Active Duty” when used by the Player. Only one Active Duty slot can be equipped at a time, but all Players will start with 3 slots.
    • Active Duty Operators have their own persistent items: Exfil Streak, Dog Tag Rarity, Backpack Type, Killstreak, Gas Mask and Self Revive.
    • When failing to exfil, only that individual Operator will have its gear, streak, and Dog Tag rarity reset. All other Operators will not be affected. 
  • Along with Persistent Operators being added into DMZ, we are adding certain Bundles to the Store that have additional Active Duty Operator Slots included.

  • Campers got you down? Private exfil will be available at Buy Stations to trigger an exfil chopper to land at an exfil point that is inactive for other Players during that match. It doesn’t mean you won’t be spotted by an enemy squad, but there may be less heat than one of the public points visible on the Tac Map.
  • As mentioned above the Heavy Chopper will be in DMZ and Battle Royale. Find fuel around the map to utilize this new vehicle. Flying it out of bounds will automatically trigger exfiltration.

  • Supply Run
    • Similar to Safecracker, Operators will need to locate and loot 3 crates

  • Rebreather – new Field Upgrade that allows Players to breathe underwater
  • Skeleton Key – this key can unlock any locked space in place of a specific key
  • 4 New Plate Carriers
    • Tempered – 2 stronger armor plates vs. 3 plate (same as BR)
    • Comms – audio alert when an enemy Player or squad is nearby and increased duration of all UAVs and UAV Towers
    • Medic – faster teammate revives and self-revives
    • Stealth – will not appear on enemy radars (Ghost Perk)
  • 2 New Backpacks
    • Secure – items are kept to that Active Duty Soldier if they are eliminated in an Extraction Zone and are not consumed for XP upon successful exfil
    • Scavenger – maximum item slots at the cost of the third weapon slot

For more details on all things Season 03 of DMZ, check out our dedicated blog here.


  • Reworked the Factions tab for better ease of use. Revamped Faction Mission menu layout for better ease of use
    • Missions are now shown in a vertical list with new mission buttons
  • Shortened description panel so that selected Missions can be viewed on the right side
  • Added a new section to the Challenge menu that tracks the Player’s current progress for Weapons Cases and the awards they have, or are trying to achieve 


  • “Out of the Deep” mission is now easier to complete
    • First step no longer requires killing Operators
    • Second step can be completed with kills from the surface of water
  • Reduced range requirements for the M4 Weapons Testing and Lachmann Weapons Testing Missions
  • Changed “Non-Discriminatory” mission to require killing cartel soldiers instead of Shadow Company soldiers
  • The details of a Story Mission are now hidden until the Player unlocks the Story Mission by completing 5 of the 6 missions in the tier
  • The Secure Intel Contract now reveals the closest commander to the Upload Station instead of a random one
  • Upon failing to exfil from a deployment, a Player’s selected Lethal, Tactical, and Field Upgrade will now default to what was previously selected, rather than having to reselect those slots
  • Increased overall amount of loot found in world
  • Toolboxes now spawn more Field Upgrades, gun oil, and blow torches
  • Military containers, rifle cases, and weapon lockers all spawn more items overall
    • Spawn rates of Plate Carriers, medical items, gun oil, documents, and food rations have been increased 
  • New potential spawn location for Weapons Case on Al Mazrah 


  • Fixed a handful of issues that prevented certain areas from spawning more context-specific loot (Example: Industrial buildings spawning industrial items)
  • Fixed M4 Weapons Testing not tracking kills for the Tempus Torrent
  • Fixed Kastov Weapons Testing not tracking kills for the KV Broadside
  • Fixed an issue where stowing a weapon from an enemy’s Backpack wouldn’t count it as an enemy Operator’s weapon 
  • Fixed an issue where using an exploding barrel to kill enemies wouldn’t count towards some mission progress
  • Fixed a number of issues causing some missions to not track progress for taking an item if you Infiled with that item in your inventory
  • Fixed an issue that caused Revive Pistols to be counted as a weapon for the purposes of missions that require Players to Infil without weapons
  • Fixed an issue with “The Pound” mission where progress wasn’t given if a weapon was in the Backpack’s weapon slot
  • Fixed an issue causing some weapon cosmetic customizations to be lost upon exfilling a weapon
  • Fixed an issue where exfilling with a Gas Mask would sometimes turn it into a Durable Gas Mask
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD wouldn’t update Armor values when Assimilating to a new team
  • Fixed an issue where Contract UI wouldn’t properly clear when Assimilating to a new team

Trophy Hunt New Limited-Time Event

    • DMZ
      • Operators and Agents drop trophies when killed. Trophies can also be found in loot. Trophies must be collected and secured at an Upload Station, or extracted to add them to your bank.
  • Once extracted, these trophies can be exchanged for items shown in the Events tab, including:
    • Weapon Blueprints
    • Vehicle Skins
    • Battle Pass Token Tier Skips
  • Those who redeem enough items will also unlock some exclusive Operator Skins for their efforts.

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