Warzone 2 players want devs to steal Rocket League feature to punish quitters

Hamza Khalid
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It can be extremely frustrating when your teammates leave a match early, and the Call of Duty community is calling for Warzone 2 to punish quitters by stealing a Rocket League feature.

There is a ton of hype for Warzone 2.0’s November 16 release following the gameplay reveal at the CoD Next event, and players are already sharing what gameplay changes they would like to see.

One issue that the Call of Duty community finds particularly frustrating is players leaving matches early, and they’re hoping that the highly-anticipated Warzone sequel will counter this problem.

Reddit user ‘EternalMage321’ called for the developers to add a five-minute cooldown time for players that leave matches early. This is meant to discourage quitters from abandoning games before they’re finished.

A few commenters brought up that the servers should be able to tell the difference between players that were disconnected and those that left the game manually. One user pointed toward another game as a source of inspiration.

They wrote: “Rocket league does this pretty well. Penalizes early quitters, and can reconnect to disconnected games. But the servers know if you lost connection or closed app.”

Rocket League avoids penalizing players unfairly as the five-minute bans only go into effect after the match ends. While the game is active, the servers will attempt to reconnect the player so that they can hop back into the action.

If the Warzone 2 team implements a similar system then the cooldown would only be triggered for players that choose to leave the game. As a result, fewer matches would be interrupted by quitters.

Of course, these players could still get around this by disconnecting their ethernet instead of manually leaving the game. This would result in the system simply attempting to reconnect them to the match.

However, Rocket League’s servers subject players to a longer ban if they disconnect again within 12 hours, so the Warzone 2 devs could try something similar. One user pointed out that it’s unlikely that the vast majority of players would feel like standing up to pull the ethernet.

As a result, players intentionally disconnecting by pulling the ethernet may not end up being a widespread problem. It remains to be seen if Warzone 2 features a similar measure to punish quitters.

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